Neskuchny ideas for fitnesa
May 21 and 22 at the Ufa climbing wall Kul-Tau hosted the second open "Borderfest memory of Yegor Pinigina" for athletes and fans. Was a great success! Climbing wall Kul-Tau…

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Warm up to your maste
  Each workout should begin with a warm-up to warm up. Warming up helps to ensure that: heartbeat quickens, improves the blood flow in the muscles rises body temperature, joint…

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Why a treadmill?

Among the large selection of exercise equipment for aerobic exercises at home treadmills continue steadily to retain first place in their effectiveness and popularity among adherents of a healthy lifestyle and people who are watching their figure.

A treadmill is a stationary device from the frame, moving webs, handrails and display of travelled distance, speed, heart rate, number of burned calories, time.

Modern designs of treadmills allow shock-absorbing suspension to significantly reduce shock loads on the joints and spine that occur when running. Thereby making Jogging available to all without exception and in any weather.

Studies have shown that the most useful exercise in its effectiveness and positive effects on the body is running. Followed by Cycling and swimming.

It is not surprising that of all the exercise equipment for home workouts, treadmill allows you to burn maximum amount of calories during the workout, and has a healing effect on all body systems. So, if on the exercise bike for an hour workout burned average of 400-600 calories on the treadmill, this figure reaches 600-800 calories due to a larger number of muscles included in the work.

Especially useful running to strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and is an excellent remedy for the appearance of cellulite .

Thus, to practice on a treadmill, does not require special physical training, as there is the possibility of selecting the required load within very wide limits.

Types of treadmills depending on their design

The designs of treadmills are divided into several types.

The most simple device in a treadmill run without a motor. The belt is driven mechanically by the muscular strength of the calf muscles. These treadmills have a low cost. However, choosing from a variety of exercise routines in them are much less than in more sophisticated models. However, note that classes on such tracks contribute to the development of the leg muscles, helping to increase their volume.

A more sophisticated variation of mechanical treadmills are tracks with a magnetic adjustable loading.

More and more people are choosing treadmills with electric.

Due to the fact that the movement of the blade is supported by an electric motor, you only have to select the desired workout program.

Tracks of this type have the greatest possibilities of various adjustments and settings. Some modern treadmills are able to adjust the speed and incline depending on the selected exercise program and your heart rate.

General recommendations for choosing a treadmill for home

Choosing a treadmill for your workout at home, it should be understood that it would require considerable space.

When choosing be sure to pay attention to the length and width of the track. Length should not be less than 130-140 cm, width – not less than 40 cm.

The walking belt should be layered. The more layers the better. In this case, you will be sure that it will not wear out in the near future.

The motor should choose depending on your weight. In any case, he should not have power below 2 HP at weight training 80 kg.

Before buying make sure to try the treadmill in the store. Listen to the sensations. Design shock-absorbing suspension that reduces the shock loading on the joints and spine, should take your body weight and well-quenching oscillations, preventing swinging.

Pay attention to the available capacity adjustment of the incline of the track, the location of the handrail. Sensor type heart rate too choose depending on your preference – attached to the wristband, to the earlobe or taking reading with the palms of your hands when you grip the handrails.

The buttons on the control panel and the display should be clearly visible, understandable, legible inscriptions.

Cost of treadmills varies widely and depends on the number of options, settings, modes, and programs offered to the user. Define – what you really need. Today, there are a large number of different programs in treadmills – rehabilitation, aerobic, weight loss, figure correction, etc. Everyone can choose the necessary training.


All electric treadmills for security purposes must be equipped with a special key to which is attached a safety cord. The second end of the cord is attached to the belt. In the event of a fall the system instantly shuts off power to the motor of the treadmill.

Try not to set the treadmill close to the wall. If you stumble must be a space on which you can jump. The best is the distance from the walls and various items to the treadmill – two feet to the side and half a meter behind.

Also for security purposes, do not use the treadmill, of children in the absence of adults.