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Sessions on the elliptical trainer for weight loss


The simulator that combines the functions of exercise bike, stepper and treadmill called elliptic and ellipsoidal or elliptical. It can be purchased for home practice, as modern models fit perfectly into the interior of even small apartments.

Sessions on the elliptical trainer strengthens the body and are suitable for people of all ages. Also orbitrek essential for losing weight and keeping yourself fit. You are on the ellipsoid, to get rid of extra pounds, but how effective will be, depends on many factors. It is also necessary to observe

some rules of work with the elliptical.

Training program on ellipsoid

First of all, it should be remembered that the work should be at regular intervals. To start a training program on the elliptical trainer for weight loss you need in a sparing mode. About 3 months need to train for 40 minutes 4 times a week.

Run the load should be 50-60% of maximum heart rate (HR). Before training each time you need simple warm-up.

You can perform push-UPS, squats, a few basic exercises. After working on the elliptical trainer should be stretching. This program allows you to improve your physical fitness and to lose weight.

Over the next 90 days there will be an increase of load. Training should be 5 times during the week. With 3 classes should be the same as in the previous 3 months. And the remaining 2 training interval.

First start with a warm-up, lasting about 10 minutes. Get off at 50-60% of heart rate maximum). Further you need to alternate 4 minutes of work at 65% HR and 3 minutes at 75%. All you need to do about 30 minutes. At the end of training to perform stretching exercises.

Second interval training starts with a warm up of 5 minutes. Then alternate 3 minutes at 60% of 1 HR and 80%. The total duration of about 20 minutes, and in the end you must run the hitch.

Over time, you can develop your own program.

General rules and guidelines

To effectively lose weight, you need to remember the following:

it is impossible to lower down the head;

no need to make jerky movements;

monitor the use of water, to prevent dehydration;

you can eat 60 minutes before class, after that you need to wait 90 minutes before you eat;

the load need to add gradually.

Losing weight and keeping shape in great shape is only possible with an integrated approach. Not enough physical exertion. Crucial diet.

It is also possible to perform procedures that help to get rid of with obesity and preventing cellulite. But this does not necessarily apply to the salon.

For example, products for weight losswill allow to achieve a good result at home. Besides, you can not doubt the quality of product, because it has all necessary documents are monitored. In online store you can order elliptical trainer for the home .

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