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How to do sports


At all times, the sport was such a human activity that criticism in all its manifestations avoided. And this is not surprising. Sport is a means of perfecting all the physical and mental characteristics of the person. Because the physically stronger and psychologically more resilient a person is, the more respect he reaches in society and therefore more successful in life. Moreover, exercise is never late. The key is to know how to do, how to do sports, not to harm the health, but on the contrary, improving their health.

How to start exercise?

If you are on the path of self-development and self-improvement, I decided to learn how to play sports, to start, you should review a few important things about sports activity.


Before you start to properly exercise analyze the state of your body. If you have any disease, especially chronic, you obligatory trip to the doctor. The specialist will tell you what loads and what sports should be avoided, and how often you can exercise.

Wallet and time

At this stage you will need to analyze their capabilities. There are a huge number of sports. The choice will depend on financial possibilities of the individual. About time too, we must not forget. It is desirable to pre-select which days, and what period of time you will devote to work.


As mentioned above – there are a huge number of different sports. Any business brings the most positive result only if it is satisfied with pleasure, with love. This means that it is not necessary to enroll in a gym, if you will go as hard labor. There is always an alternative. Choose, for example, better swimming or Hiking.

The diet and habits

Before you decide to start doing sports, you need to reconsider your diet. The body will be regularly subjected to physical stress, so he needs to eat differently, not as you do now. The diet should be balanced, 4-5 times a day. Eat more meat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. And of course on the harmful habits you have to forget. Completely avoid alcohol, but if Smoking is to quit first does not work, stop poisoning the body with nicotine at least 1.5 hours before and after training. It is at least slightly reduce the workload on the heart.

How to exercise at home?

If you have no opportunity to enroll in any section, you can do sports at home.

You need to remember a few things:

Food. About nutrition was mentioned above, eat well.

To eliminate fatigue. It is impossible to give the body such loads, after which you feel that can’t budge. To teach the body to any physical training you need measured, gradually.

Do not reinvent the wheel. So how do you do at home, do not experiment and come up with a new exercise, there is a high probability to injure themselves. Stick to a well-known exercises – squats, jumping rope, running, push-UPS. Do them one at a time, with each lesson increasing the load.

When is the best time to exercise?

Many novice athletes begs the question – when is the best time for the body to play sports? Is it possible to do sports in the evening or morning? Or even, can you exercise at night?

To answer these questions will help you analyze your body and lifestyle. If you are a “lark” – early to bed and early to rise, you had better to exercise in the morning, if on the contrary, “owl” in the evening. But at night…at night it is better to sleep. After perhaps no wonder mankind has created such a society where we have an active life during the day and sleep at night. Do not disturb the biological clock, nor what good it will not. If you really want to exercise at night, you can enjoy variety of sports orienteering or “Fox hunting”, these groups of athletes sometimes hold competitions at night, however for professionals.

How often should to do sports and I play sports every day?

To these questions you can answer – do sports REGULARLY. Should not throw exercise, rest for a couple of months, and then begin again. To exercise at least 2-3 times a week. Every day you can do sports only in the case if your body in the classroom is not subjected to heavy loads and at night time to relax and restore vitality.

And in conclusion, you need to know when, when you can’t play sports

First, if banned doctor. Secondly, if you are sick, feel sick. Thirdly, it is categorically impossible to exercise in the alcohol and other drugs. And last, you cannot do one of the sports exercise, if in this sport you are a beginner, definitely need an instructor.

Remember all these rules and you will surely succeed in the sport! Good luck!