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How not to throw a workout


The trainer stands and dusts, skipping rope is not known where the Hoop for a long time in the pantry, a printed set of exercises lies in a prominent place.

All together weighs on guilt.

And we find plenty of excuses and instead make a few simple exercises, doing totally other “urgent” things, or just lie on the couch watching TV and drinking Cup after Cup of tea with sweet hazards.

Reasons not to go to the gym

Monotony. Many of us cease to do not only exercise, but also regularly go to training, because the purpose of them was replaced by a feeling of monotony – “every time the same”. And still lives in the soul of hope that someday the training will be an important component of life, which will continue to give pleasure.

Motivation. In addition to the monotony of the gym, caused the cessation of training can be a poor motivation. When goals are achieved like: weight throw and bounced back, press fit, and the body has become “sculpture”, the motivation to workout is significantly reduced.

When changing the mode of the day or the onset of the cold season, when the window frost and do not want to show his nose on the street…and various holidays, special trip or summer vacation…forced to Return after absences to habitual workout pretty hard. And we postpone to a more favorable time our trip to the fitness center.

The reason not to go to the gym may become irregular physical activity broken up and training regime. If you went with a friend who didn’t quit exercising, then “catch up” with her results difficult, so is the output –to stop classes than to pull another psychological burden.

Planning training

Not to throw a workout, you have to plan this part of your life.

For regular classes you need to set yourself a long term goal, for six months to a year ahead.

This goal must be your: “the Doctor recommended…” and “a Friend said…” here is not suitable. You should already at the initial stage to imagine that you will receive exactly after a year of regular training for your figure and your life in General. Then the set a of the intermediate stages and slowly but surely moving toward the goal.

To start exercising is best at the same time.

Usually the habit is formed after a month and a half. Perhaps for the first time, have to force myself to train. At this stage, an important role will play the self-discipline and self-organization. Over time it will become easier, the body will get used loads and they will become a necessity. Then skipping class will cause you discomfort.

the 1st crucial period – the first 2 – 3 months of training.

Regularly doing fitness for the first weeks, you will be satisfied with a new activity, feel the taste of correctly executed exercises will be to experience joy. However, after a while will start addictive. Special achievements you don’t feel the workout gradually begin to get bored and you will miss classes more and more often, until they are not going to quit.

Exit — in physical exercise need to find something new that will support the desire to engage further. For example, change the training program to introduce classes in new exercises, exercise in the fresh air, etc.

2nd difficult period in a year.

Provided that regular exercise habit is already formed, but there is a feeling that in the future you can do without physical exercises, the main goal is achieved or, on the contrary, the results are not tangible. There is a hunting to throw a workout! In this difficult period should set itself a new goal, and also, for example, to enroll in a gym or hire a personal trainer.

Remember to be always in good shape, regular exercise is required. Don’t be lazy, set goals, build healthy habits, don’t drop the workout and always find reasons to engage in physical activity daily!