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Breathing while running


Before running, we think about many things: about the position of the feet, the hands, the step frequency. But many runners forget one important thing: breathing.

“This is the same tool,” says bad quotes, experienced coach, 4-time Olympian and author of manuals on how to breath while running. Cotes developed a breathing technique that teaches “odd” the breath —

inhale for three steps and exhale for two: “This type of breathing will allow you to train better and therefore run faster”.

In practice, it appears that generally the inexperienced runners are no particular approach to breathing, and experienced runners to adjust their breathing to step, to improve performance and rhythm. The most common method of running among experienced runners – 2×2, that is, inhale for two steps and exhale for two steps. This model recommends the use of well-known coach Jack Daniels, who is convinced that she allows you to get more oxygen.

“nevertheless, notes quotes, breath 2×2 (or 3×3) means that you always breathe in and out on one foot”. He cites research Dennis Bramble and David Carrier from the University of Utah, which showed that exhale, always falling on one leg may be more likely to cause injury because of the constant pressure on that side of the body.

In turn, the bramble notes that although theoretically they came to this conclusion in a published article, any empirical evidence for this theory they never had. “Now this theory kazhesya me wrong”, he says.

But Cotes believe that this breathing helped him win injury: “I just wanted to find a way to stay healthy,” said cates, who tested way to change sides on the exhale. At first he tried to breathe on the fourth step and on the third exhale, but it was “very difficult in practice”. Now he recommends a method 3×2 (inhale, then exhale) at a light Jogging and 2×1 with quick.

Quotes is using her breathing techniques for more than 30 years and 20 of them running coach. His technique helps him to avoid injury, but the biggest advantage of this technique in his opinion – the ability to recognize stress.

Most useful, what is the use of breathing techniques (no matter what: 3-2 or 2-3 or 2-1 or even 2-2) is consistent with the effort that you exert. Cotes developed a scale in which a simple running technique corresponds 3-2, but with the acceleration of this technique impossible. In this case, it is necessary either to switch to scheme 2-1 or decrease the tempo.

Other well-known models, such as Chi-running, too, assume the schema “odd” breathing. But another influential American coach bill Lech believes that the athlete on the contrary, Boliden exhale for three steps and breathe for two, which is inconsistent with cotesa.

“On the exhalation takes more time”, – said Lech. He explains that the atmospheric pressure higher than the pressure in your lungs, and so you have to push the air out, so he could come back. Quotes disagrees, and believes this theory to be unfounded. He said that the breath should be longer because when you inhale your diaphragm is compressed, which creates additional stability. “Your posture and movement of the hands is directly linked to the breath, ” says Lech. – Napravlena posture reduces the amount of air that you can inhale, and from the movement of the hands depends on the frequency step. Maybe straight away and will not follow, but we must strive to control it at least turns”.

Quotes, Leh and many other experts agree that a run – it is important to learn to breathe through the diaphragm, not the chest.