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Running is not for everyone!


Running is now one of the most trendy types of activity. Run all — children, youth, adults and even retirees. This is not surprising, since regular classes entail a number of advantages for health. Good physical shape, strong heart and a beautiful body — these are just some of the aspects of good running. Is it possible in this case to call it perfect? Possible. But not for all!

Running — another side of the coin

Since running for man is a natural form of activity (all we periodically run – running late somewhere, trying to catch the bus, etc.), it is easy to guess that she is a huge health benefits. Regular exercise significantly reduces the risk of developing serious diseases. Running improves the condition of our heart. lungs, normalizes cholesterol, reduces blood pressure, makes vessels more flexible. The benefit of running lies in the fact that it is the best prevention of diabetes and some cancers, including lung, breast and colon. Also Jogging is a great way to reduce pressure, boost immunity and get rid of extra pounds .

It would seem, is the benefit of running for health leaves us with no other choice but to get up from the comfortable couch, turn off the TV. wear good shoes — and go! In the end, everyone can run – it requires no special skills or equipment. But this is not necessary. Some people regular Jogging may do more harm than good. And if the situation is potentially hazardous, can help to consult a specialist (surgeon, orthopedist or physical therapist) or just training and training.

Doctors warn that if a person has more than 20 pounds overweight, running is a serious threat for the joints and cardiovascular system. When man after 40 wants to start running, before starting the training he needs to perform a series of tests to determine safe parameters of the pulse. People who don’t run regularly because of work or chronic illness led a sedentary lifestyle before the start of classes must draw up a detailed training plan.

Good shoes – the basis

The first step to safe running — is to buy special shoes with thick cushioned soles. Sneakers must have the correct shape to dampen vibration. Another condition — the choice of the right route. Okay, so the surface that you have to run, was not too firm and slip-resistant. This will prevent skin damage and worsening pain in the joints and spine. Experts call for asthmatics and people with ENT problems not to run in the cold windy days and in the period of education on herbs and tree pollen.

Heavy legs and stretched muscles

The joints of the spine — it is an integral part of the motor apparatus. Among their main tasks is to stabilize the runner’s body. Running is harmful, when there is an overload of the spine, physiotherapists say. The most common cause of this avenasterol weak and inflexible muscles of the legs, which, being unable to withstand the weight of the rest of the body, pass it to the back. Back pain can also occur due to improper preparation for training. Need a workout that will strengthen your legs and stretch muscles.

It is known that pain can arise not only due to the lack of warm-up, but also because of improper running technique. Most runners make such errors: incorrect position of legs, the wrong torso and too small or, conversely, overly sweeping motions with his hands. The pain that appears after training as an alarming signal that should cause us to see a specialist.

The advice of a podiatrist or physiotherapist must for anyone who runs less than 5 years or have ever had problems with the spine. After running back pain. The only thing you can feel — this is muscle fatigue, which should disappear in about 3 days. In most cases, running improves the condition of the spine. May, however, happen that someone appear damaged bones or discs. So, faced with some kind of inexplicable pain, contact your doctor and find out about their possible causes and consequences.

Specialists may not be recommended to the patient regular Jogging because of diabetes, obesity. varicose veins, advanced age, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure or leg injuries. Fortunately, running is not necessary to consider only as a sport. Some of them run professionally, others for recreation. Jogging can be for many just one way of being active in the fresh air for a few minutes. In this case “sports” allowed.