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Morning exercise

Us from childhood had spoken of that morning exercises you need to do. But, of course, make her one. Morning, every second counts, and then there was some kind of charging time to spend…

In principle, you can not spend these few minutes daily, but then you’ll

just steal the years.

Why morning exercise?

The main purpose of morning exercises – not the development of physical qualities, as some think. The main goal is to “Wake up” the body and give a boost to the metabolism.

One of the signs and at the same time one of the causes of old age is the slowing down of metabolism. Morning exercises allows him to accelerate and support during the day at a high enough level . It is quite obvious that if we charge and how quickly you get older.

Following the appointment of the morning exercise – adduction in working condition the major muscle groups, joints, ligaments.

In addition, exercising will be transferred to “day”, more active mode of the internal organs.

What exercises should be included in morning exercises and how much they should be?

Remember the cheerful voice of Soviet times, happily telling in the beginning of each day: “Begin morning exercises!” And further, under the triumphant music were asked to perform a set of rather boring exercises from the Arsenal of so-called Sokolskaya gymnastics. Let these systems were, from today’s point of view, boring, but they were made pretty solidly. And, in General, performed: «woke» our body. By the way, and here is the opportunity to do morning exercises in retro style. if you want to remember your childhood or adolescence.

Single recipe useful exercise cannot be, in principle, because each of us has different health status and different physical abilities. In addition, we have different interests in the field of physical exercise: someone is a fan of yoga, someone passionate about bodyflex, someone in the morning like running (Jogging). And someone, perhaps, enjoys Nordic walking. Do what you like, something that gives pleasure. Can use existing sports equipment and fitness equipment.

But there are General rules for building the set of morning exercises.

First, these exercises should not be very difficult. We remember – the main goal of “Wake up”. Too intensive complex immediately after waking up is not only not helpful, but harmful! In addition, a large amount of physical activity will not cheer you up, and will give the opposite effect: you during the day will feel tired.

Secondly, the morning time is precious, therefore it is not appropriate to include in the complex morning exercises more than 12 exercises. And time enough to do 10-15 minutes. If you can afford the luxury to work out half an hour – great!

The third rule. In the complex must include stretching exercises. As such, they should be about half the morning of the complex. All “were pulled” very smoothly, without sudden jerks and bullies. Mahi hands and feet can include, but should start with a small amplitude and after more than simple exercises.

To work need all the major muscle groups: muscles of the neck, arms and shoulder girdle, muscles of the trunk, pelvic girdle and legs. Decided to start doing complex morning exercises General pulling, then top — down.

Power exercises are performed in the morning in the final part of the complex. For non-athletes and people over 35 years strongly not recommended during charging to perform the maximum amount of exercise in one approach . For example, during morning exercises you can’t do push-UPS or pull-up “until it stops”.

If after charging you have felt muscle pain – you load “overdone”. In this case, from charging to not give up, but we should spare those muscles where pain is felt.

Can be included in the complex of morning gymnastics and breathing exercises, if you adhere to CACO-system.

Very useful on an empty stomach, before exercise, drink a glass of room temperature water.

To start charging, even lying in bed. Stretch, stretching his arms up. Then pull it forward several times squeeze-release brush in a fist, perform the rotation in the wrist joint. Without raising his head, turn it gently several times right and left.

Breathe in deeply through the nose “stomach” pulling it on the exhale as much as possible, and on the breath is bulging.

Follow the rotation at the ankle joints. Then take foot, feeling a slight tension in the calf muscles and in the popliteal tendon. Then pull the socks, “like a ballerina”.

After these simple exercises (they will take about two minutes), you can get up and proceed to main complex of morning gymnastics.

My own complex consists of salad, including exercises from the system “bodyflex”, the complex Slavic core exercises and strength exercises.

In principle, instead of exercises you can just dance to music. When the old complex was bored or feel too easy, you can replace it with a new or more complex. And can every day to do different exercises. The main thing is that the mood during the exercise was positive. In gymnastics, think about what it is – an act of love for yourself, precious. Exercises performed “would”, use less immeasurable.

And finally I want to say the following. Gymnastics in the mornings is a must minimum! But if you seriously intend to be young, regardless of age passport, you need three times a week (at least twice!) to allocate about an hour for practicing your favorite sport.