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Chinese gymnastics Eye of revival


10 For everyone who wants to be healthy, wise and perfect – this article. By profession himself a doctor, three years worked as an instructor in

physical therapy and I can say for sure. If you take charge, ginastica, exercise program, whatever of the movements that you use it constantly does NOT work! Why? ‘t always have the time, do not always have the mood, do not always have the power, almost always come that time when laziness and even force myself too lazy.

It used to be. And today I can say definitely.

The book of Peter Kelder “Eye of the revival of” wonderful fate. First published in 1939 in Washington, she remained almost not noticed. Success, a truly incredible came almost half a century later.

Than to explain such a broad that knows no borders downloads “Eye of rebirth”? Yes mainly because here is revealed the secret of the inhabitants of one of the mountain monasteries – six exercises, regular execution of which causes a surprising surge of vitality, helps to cope with a variety of illnesses, prolong youth and even, according to the author, to some extent, to bring her back. If she is long past.

The efficiency of the Tibetan system specialists see in that it combines dynamic and static elements, providing training of the muscles, nervous and cardiovascular systems.

This gymnastics contributes to the revitalization of the glands of internal secretion, strengthens the spine, has a positive effect on the health of those who suffer from common ailments now (migraines, insomnia, allergies, pain in the lumbar region).

Practicing her people and usually look younger. That’s why you need to more and more people learned how to use open for us by the Tibetan monks inexhaustible source of youth and health, these six truly “Golden” exercises.

Gymnast Tibetan monks.

Exercise 1.

Initial position (I. P.): standing with arms horizontally stretched out to the sides at shoulder level. Perform a rotation around its axis in a clockwise direction.

From the author* When performing exercises, you need to choose the object of fixing the look, pipe on the roof of a neighboring house, bright object in the background of something. In torsion to ignore his gaze. In the early days, after torsion and stop with the dizziness, you need to stop, look at the selected reference point and if the picture floats away – the brush, fingers extended to the right and then left taking her brush, as if to put the sight into place with your hands. It quickly starts to turn out and after weeks look to be very quick to recover and coordination in General will be better.

I. P. lying on your back, arms stretched along the body,palms pressed to the floor. Taking a deep breath press your chin to your chest and slowly raise the straight leg up until the buttocks starts to come off the floor. At the top holding the breath and tense the muscles of the pelvis. Then slowly do exhale and return to I. P.

From the author* Mentally – from the horizontal line, go to the letter “G” with a tail, inverted, sustainable. And to understand that energy WTCA into the body through the feet, Curling about unclogging it.

I. P. kneeling, knees on the width of the pelvis vertically. Palm put on the rear surface of the thigh below the buttocks. On the inhale, head tilted forward, chin pressed to your chest, then bend back throwing her head bulging the chest up. Hold your breath and tense the muscles of the pelvis. On the exhale, return to I. P.

From the author* When you perform need to understand the following. He bowed his head before “higher” in the beginning, we bend the arc back, giving energy of mind and health to flow directly through the open face, chest – filling the body, at a delay. Returning to I. P. leave all the best.

I. P. to sit on the floor and stretch your legs forward, feet shoulder width apart, palms put near the buttocks on the floor, fingers pointing forward. During the exhalation tilt your head forward. Inhaling will be curved upwards with the letter “P” to make a “gate” with the head thrown back. To stretch the muscles of the pelvis. On the long exhale, to return to I. P.

From the author* From “the corner” building “the bridge”. creating a gate. They leave all that we need, and in the solar plexus give energy to flow, which is spreading in the legs and in the head, nourishes all the energy centers us. Exhale when pressing the chin to the chest sipping back muscles to mild pain.

Exercise 5.

I. P. rest position prognuvshis the body rests on the palm and the pads of the toes. Knees and hips do not touch the floor. Palms slightly wider than shoulders. On a long breath, ascribe his head back and then raise the buttocks up to form an acute angle creating an image of the “pyramid”. At the top hold your breath, my head pressed to his chest, the heels touch the floor. On the exhale, return to I. P.

From the author* Mentally – in I. P. open to energy, inspiratory lured her into the pyramid, at commit time – produced information exchange within, on the exhale – releasing information about yourself in the space, with the request just what we need for perfection. In “the eye of rebirth” this exercise is called “flip dog”.

Stand straight. Hands on the lower back. Take a deep breath. Tense the muscles of the perineum, then bladder, then the abdominal muscles. Exhale quickly lean forward resting his hands on his knees, and intense nose exhale, make a sound “ha-a-a-x-x-x trying to remove all the air from his lungs. After that, as much as possible pulling the belly up returning his hands on his belt and holding her head to his chest. Returning to I. P. keep your stomach sucked for as long as possible, then relax the diaphragm lifting his head. Now you can catch your breath.

From the author* Mentally – in I. P. you need to understand, and on the inhale, to draw in as in a vessel all the positive that exists in the universe. Then to absorb the energy passing through the chest, then the abdomen into the pelvis. Replace it with the one inside. When breathing out, to throw himself into the land of everything that prevents us from what we want to be free. Surfacing up, we break away from that has flowed into the ground. In I. P. we’re new and cleaned.

Addition. Start to do every day, first week, performing each exercise for three times, then each week adding one repetition until you bring the exercises to 21 repetitions. The lack of time, break the complex twice. Don’t do gymnastics at bedtime.

Breathe only through the nose, mouth need for food!

Breath is done during the first phase in the transition to “figure”, exhale to return to I. P.

Be sure to ventilate the room, but don’t do it all at a draught.

Don’t forget about the mental attitude – you have inside and from outside the universe. You are exchanging energy, health, knowledge.

During the exercises closed eyes help better understand what you are doing.

Joint pains during the first classes are rapidly. ‘t Lomita yourself on the first day of classes.

From the author* Add three more exercises.

No. 1 “Fish”. I. P. lying on your back, hands in the castle under his head, heels together. Straining the socks of both legs to the side, to make sure the spine ran snake like writhing gymnastic ribbon. The number of oscillations – the number determine how old you are.

This exercise need to add between 1 and 2 – ie it will be the first in the supine position.

No. 2 “the Infant” I. P. lying on your back with your legs raised pramie up, her arm raised straight up. Shake my hands and feet so that the muscles of the legs and hands were shaking like Jell-o. When you run a counted amount of your years. This exercise do for # 2 and then go the second of the “six” and then the order.

No. 3 “Tumbler” do it once “Exercise 5”, “roly-poly” is the sixth and is in the last position on the floor. Sit on kalinaki the buttocks or heels, let the feet. Hands on mid-thigh. Swing head right, then left. Repeat for Colchester your years or 77, 88, 99, 108. After him and making the last stand “exercise 6” standing.

I’m sorry, but in all moments of fixation, when the muscles of the pelvis (original – sphincter of the rectum and bladder) is the stimulation of muscles and therefore a great way to prevent hemorrhoids that have become very common. And more!

Remember. We do all this knowing that our goal is harmony and balance with the universe. Time to the gym when you perform 9 reps of each exercise takes about 10 minutes. But after a week, two weeks, practice the exercises becomes a way of life.