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What to eat after workout to lose weight Tips on nutrition


Home “Nutrition and diet” What to eat after workout to lose weight?

The misconception that once with after training the urgent need to restore the reserves of protein, otherwise the muscles «blown away», very common. However, this opinion is wrong.

You need to eat immediately after your workout, otherwise the muscles will become less

The fact is that people often forget about the differences in the training process: you can exercise to build muscle, but you can — in order to lose weight. Accordingly, the diet in these cases should be managed differently.

Alone fat

There is a perception that if you limit the body’s nutrients, the first to react to the muscles: they hunched like in size, but the fat will remain as it was. It is not true. Exactly fatty tissue is reduced in the first place. The body, which start to miss the makeup, dissolves it with nutrients. The muscles will try to keep its natural elasticity and sizes, even with serious medical starvation.

How to put the power supply system after training?

1. Recovery through food can be performed in 1-2 hours

Never eat immediately after training. Give the body to burn excess calories. Wait 1-2 hours and then take a serving of protein. Here would be appropriate: boiled, braised or steamed chicken or fish, an egg white omelet, low fat cottage cheese. These dishes will help maintain body tone and, in particular, muscle tone.

Be sure to add protein foods vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, greens, cabbage, peppers, radishes. The fit and pickled vegetables. Vegetables you can eat as separate products, and salads. Add a few tablespoons of oil (especially useful olive) and voila!

2. That there is a field exercise, if it ended late in the evening

If you do exercise in the evening and before bedtime there are not more than two hours, forget about food. Drink a glass of yogurt and go to bed. It will help to restore a supply of protein in the body and not overload it with nutrients. In the morning be sure to eat Breakfast to replenish forces.

3. Only half the calories

If you cannot withstand not to eat several hours after training or stand, but then eat more than I would like, you can try another option for weight loss. Eat food in a short time after exercise, but take half less calories than burned. For example, for a training session you burned 500 calories, then you can eat 250 immediately after leaving the room.

4. Replenishment of carbohydrates

In the process of training, especially running, is first burned glucose and glycogen stores, and then begins to disappear excess fat tissue. Therefore, immediately after a workout is good to drink a glass of fresh juice to restore the reserves of glucose in the body. By themselves they are recovering very long time.

5. Stuff diet

Yeast bread is the best replacement for soda.

From meat, make sure to separate the fatty layer.

Casual drinks (cocoa, tea, juice) are drunk without sugar.

Do not eat fatty, sweet and starchy foods.

The basis of the diet should be lean food.

That is, if you feel very hungry after a workout?

It happens that after a workout feels unbearable hunger. This happens especially often used when you do not do sports, and suddenly started. It is best to betray that feeling.

Drink a Cup of low-fat yogurt: it’s full of protein and will support the muscles, however, does not nourish the body with extra calories.

Can sometimes help a mug of tea, a glass of fruit juice or fruit drink, a Cup of warm cocoa. All of this is consumed without sweeteners.

Eat big Apple.

Any of these options will help moderately to satisfy your hunger, which means that your body will become slim and attractive.