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The program running on the treadmill


The program running on the treadmill for 11 weeks. The popularity of Jogging on a treadmill is easily explained: in recent years in big cities of Russia formed a stable fashion on fitness clubs. Club or personal treadmill has a number of advantages: all-weather capability, the choice of speed and incline (the latter is important for lowland cities like St. Petersburg), heart rate control and the opportunity to combine running with other activities – watching movies, reading books and periodicals.

At the same time, program of treadmill training offered by personal

trainers fitness clubs, often do not take into account the desires and capabilities of visitors. Because of this  offers a comprehensive program of running on a treadmill.

In the basis of the program running on the treadmill based on the following principles:

1. The buildup of stress (the speed on the treadmill and distance on a treadmill) occurs gradually. This provides the body the opportunity to adapt and reduces the likelihood of the onset of fatigue. The program uses the principle of distance or speed — load between workouts gradually increase, but for one workout is not permitted a one-time increase speed and increase the distance. During one training session is the increase in either speed or distance!

2. Workout program on the treadmill is designed for healthy people wanting to get in shape and lose weight for 2.5-3 months (for the summer season, test or exam for physical education) at a frequency of classes 4-5 times a week.

3. The program running on the treadmill differentiation of the load depending on the initial trainee opportunities

4. The program provides for a gradual increase in distance from 4 to 6 kilometers. One training takes 30-50 minutes — the average time that can be given to the fitness of the average citizen. Before training mandatory workout, after a workout on the treadmill mandatory hitch and stretching.

In order to find the best program running on the treadmill, determine your body mass index. To do this, body weight (in kilograms) divided by squared height (in meters), i.e.

BMI = weight (kg). (height (m) 2 )

If Your BMI is in the range of 18-25, this program is suitable for you without modification

If Your BMI is in the range of 25-30, you should reduce the speed in each cell of the table exercise program at 1 km/h

If Your BMI is 30-35, reduce all speed by 2 km/h

If Your BMI is over 35, you are shown the individual program which can be administered only after consultation with doctors.

If You are a smoker, also subtract from the speed of each circle is 1 km/h

Also, if Your age exceeds 50 years, it is recommended to reduce the speed of the treadmill on an additional 1 km/h.

If during the workout, Your heart rate does not exceed 70% of the maximum heart rate (MCSS can be approximately estimated by the formula 220-age), you should increase the speed by 0.5-1 km/hour, until, while in the middle of the workout, the heart rate will come in the aerobic zone (70-80% of MCS)

If you are willing to do 5 times a week, then just repeat the last (fourth) exercise without any changes! Leave yourself at least 2 days a week for recovery and rest.

And, of course, finally — if during or after the workout you feel unwell, be sure to seek immediate medical attention! Fitness is necessary to us not to experiment on yourself, and for beauty and health!

The tables below indicate the settings for running by weeks for each training session. Click on the picture to increase its size.