Of treadmill exercise training and walking
  Tasks running training regardless of the type is to develop speed endurance, improve running speed and on this basis to build and develop technical and tactical skills in the…

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Treadmill for home how to choose
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Physical stress on the body cheloveka


Running workouts for time and distance serve different purposes, but equally important for achieving high performance in the triathlon. One of the stumbling blocks triathletes question is: is it better to train running on time or distance? The popularity of training on passing a certain distance due to the fact that the majority of competitions require the overcoming of a given distance.

With the aim to shed light on some differences in training time and distance, American journal of “Medicine and Science” has published the results of a study that examined the characteristics of children overcome the distance of 750 meters. Despite the fact that most of you are more experienced in running than children, the results show an interesting trend, which is peculiar to and training of adults.

The first task was to run 750 meters as quickly as possible. Then the children divided into two groups: the first again ran the same distance, and the children from the second group had to run the same time, it took the passage of the first distance. Children from the first group ran a distance of about 750 at the same time as the first time. The second group ran significantly less distance in the same time that they passed the first distance. The researchers came to the conclusion that this is possibly connected with the fact that the time period is less “tangible”, and this degrades the performance, unlike the cases when the distance is known, and you can see the finish line. Ask yourself specific distance during training at the time and perhaps you have to run a little faster.

In addition to this difference between workouts for time and distance study shows that each approach responds to different tasks, depending on the desired result. During the training cycle there are periods when the athlete need to train and eat when you need to train the distance. Is considered to be. what is the running time needed by the athletes during the pre-season preparations for the development of gut-feeling distance or when recovering from injury. Thus the athlete goes the distance, not thinking about speed, but it helps a lot psychologically.

In high season it is recommended to train on-track. So the athlete focuses on the specific race, training to go the distance in a certain time, given the characteristics of the upcoming competitions. Training time during this period shall be recommendatory and mandatory training on the track will assess the training level of the athlete and to predict the time that he will need for the course at the event. Both types of training must take place in the training plan, and their proper combination will allow to achieve the best results.

Revitalizing running: Forget about indicators and just enjoy running. This run will allow your body to bounce back after the previous workout.

Cross acceleration: Crosses with acceleration easier to conduct on a specified time. This sort of running helps to develop an intuitive sense of speed.

Pace: this type of Workout is the key to the internal sense of rhythm.


Timeframe: the Passage given distances will allow a better understanding of what to expect from the upcoming race and what should be further developed.

Regular Jogging outside training: will Help you to assess your progress and the distance that you are comfortable to go for some time.

Time or distance

The sprinting: Out of season or during recovery from injury run long distances at a given time. Later in the season, run, focusing on the distance that you have to go on the race.