Breathing exercises Buteyko the technique, the exercises, the results
  Soviet scientist in the 60-ies has developed a method of volitional elimination of deep breathing, which allows to get rid of diseases associated with abnormal metabolism. Breathing exercises Buteyko…

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Morning exercises
In the army pay for good physical shape About physical training privates and officers Anatoly Kuzichev talked to the assistant commander of the Western Military District Vitaly Ivanov in "garrison"…

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Physical activity is a way to force fat cells to burn fat. But physical activity alone is not an effective method of reducing body weight. For example, in order to burn 1000 calories, you want to run 10 miles or 30 minutes of jumping rope, while walking or running at 1600 m spent about 110 calories out of stocks of Your body. That is, to lose weight in a week at 900 g, which usually you want to reduce with diet calorie intake to 1000 kcal/day, it is necessary to pass or run for the week is about 105 km, and

total calorie consumption should remain at the same level.

Even severe physical activity . in particular, brisk walking for 45-60 minutes 4 times a week during the year, leading to weight loss just a few pounds. You are happy to write in your diary every minute spent in physical exercise, but it turns out that You have spent only some 200-300 calories! Upset? Think, why do we need these exercises? Very much needed! But only subject to certain rules.

The physical exercises should not be less than 45 minutes and the amount of not less than 3 times a week. Before you start training complete medical check-up, to determine what load can withstand Your cardiovascular system, whether You have breathing problems and contraindications to certain types of loads. If the doctor such restrictions are found, do not worry. Below we will tell You what to do in such cases. Very useful to vary the load. For example, day — sailing, day — walking and so on.

Select acceptable level and tempo of physical activity and very gradually (!) their increase. It is not necessary that the level of physical activity or the tempo was very high. Just enough to walk (but still at a good pace) for 45 minutes at least 3 times a week is the most physiologic and affordable way to lose weight. This is a proven way to enhance the synthesis of fat-splitting enzymes and deliver oxygen. Clearing the fat from fat cells is directed into the muscle cell is the only place where the fat is consumed. You can also choose the best program of training which will help to make experts along with Your doctor) medium intensity, including brisk walking, swimming, gym, Cycling or other types of loads, and their combination.

Each additional minute is another minute intense fat burning! That You have not lost the desire to exercise, there are two ways.

First: split one long training session into several shorter — for those who have “no time to exercise”. According to studies, women with obesity who perform aerobic exercise (mainly walking) three times a day for 10 minutes 5 days a week as a result point out that spent more time on training than those that perform aerobic exercise for 30 min a day 5 days a week. In addition, they have a tendency to greater weight reduction.

The second method is to do at home and not in sports clubs, as in this case, there are fewer barriers to training, such as the need to pay for classes or spend time on the road. You can practice walking independently close to home or use home equipment, such as, for example, a treadmill or an exercise bike.

However, this is quite individual — some people lack the discipline to never miss home exercises, and in this case, perhaps a visit at the scheduled time of the sports club, which also paid, promotes regular classes. The choice is yours. So When You are walking slowly, You spend about 1.5 calories per minute (1.5 kcal x 45 min = 67 kcal); When walking at a moderate pace — 4-6 kcal per minute (4-6 kcal x 45 mins = 180-270 kcal); During Cycling at a moderate pace — 6-10 kcal per minute (6-10 kcal x 45 mins = 270-450 kcal!).