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The therapeutic effect of the horizontal bar and swimming with the protrusion of the lumbar spine


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Sailing in the protrusion of the lumbar spine has a strong firming effect on the muscles and stimulates blood flow to the back. Advantage of water exercises herniated disc is that they bring a pronounced therapeutic effect and have low invasiveness.

Indications for swimming lesson when protrusion

Remedial gymnastics and swimming lessons are shown in the following cases:

When severe pain in the spine;

In remission with the presence of protrusions and hernias;

When incorrect posture;

The curvature of the axis of the spine;

In the rehabilitation period after surgery.

When swimming it is necessary to observe some precautions:

If you have kidney disease, you cannot swim in cold water, as this activates urination, which increases the load on the kidneys;

Swimming is of benefit only some time after eating. Water exerts pressure on the gastrointestinal tract, therefore, interferes with the digestion of food;

The time spent in the water should be strictly regulated by the doctor. Excessive hypothermia can cause various diseases of internal organs.

The complex of exercises on the water when the protrusion of the lumbar should be developed by a qualified instructor or coach. It should be remembered that in this disease contraindicated sharp turns of the body, as this will cause greater compression syndrome.

About the benefits of swimming and the horizontal bar for the spine

Swimming in diseases of the spine by efficiency are comparable with the exhaust. It helps to relieve the intervertebral discs and relieve the pain caused by impingement of the nerve roots in the intervertebral disc.

The beneficial effect of swimming on the spine:

The load is removed from vertebral segments and joints, which eliminates the limitation of range of motion in the affected Department;

Strengthens the muscles of the back, which will prevent warping of the axis of the spine when you experience protrusion;

Increases the breathing capacity of the lungs;

Improves psycho-emotional state.

The curative effect of diving on the human body due to the Archimedes ‘ principle: any body located in fluid loses weight so many pounds, how many is equal to the water displaced by it. Due to the presence of this effect in the presence of a person in the water the load is removed from the spinal column.

What kind of style swim with the prolapse of the intervertebral disc in the lumbar spine:

If simultaneously with the protrusion occurs curvature of the axis of the spine, you should float on your stomach or back. This posture will be corrected, but must be careful to avoid the spine;

Flattening of the lumbar lordosis (internal physiological bending) can be resolved with the help of swimming crawl or backstroke.

In most cases, for diseases of the spine doctors recommend to swim breaststroke or crawl. These styles involve the maximum number of muscles that contribute to active strengthen the muscular system.

When performing exercises in the water the muscles get the energy to functioning due to the aerobic (oxygen) type of breathing. When it is producing energy for muscle contraction occurs without the formation of toxic lactate (lactic acid).

This chemical compound accumulates in the muscles during excessive physical exertion (such as lifting weights or dumbbells). When significant concentrations of lactate in the muscles, they are unable to relax fully, therefore there is spazmirovania skeletal muscles with compression of nerve fibers and blood vessels.

When sailing this effect is not observed, so it is the most physiologic way to strengthen back muscles.

Some doctors simultaneously with water aerobics recommend the bar in the development of a protrusion. Daily workouts on the bar increases height as the distance between the vertebrae becomes larger. This effect allows you to eliminate the pain caused by the pinching the nerve root herniated disc.

It should be noted the positive impact water exercises not only the physical person, but also on its moral status. Regular exposure to water increases endurance and stamina, teaches self-control and determination.

A useful method of navigation

To prevent complications that can occur in humans with loss of intervertebral disc in the lumbar spine is necessary not only to choose the right style of swimming, but also to learn to breathe correctly.

Deep breath and a quick exhalation improve ventilation, which over time will increase the vital capacity of the lung tissue.

To water classes brought healing effect, you must exercise daily for 40-50 minutes. It is also desirable that the pool water was warm (27-30 degrees). Only a month of training must gradually reduce the water temperature until, until it reaches 22-23 degrees.

If a person does not know how to swim, it does not mean that staying in the water will not do him any good. Under the interpretation of “can’t swim” can mean a few options:

First, the person may not be able to walk on water. Assigns aquatic physiotherapy from the protrusion, which can be done in shallow pools.

Secondly, the person may be afraid of water, so do not know how to swim. In such cases, psychological discomfort from water activities will bring more harm than good exercise. You must choose other methods of treatment protrusion.

Thus, the swimming and the horizontal bar allows to normalize the muscles and prevent recurrence at the protrusion. Only a list of water exercises in pathology must appoint a qualified physician.