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Breathing exercises Marina Korpan


Jogging in the morning, dieters slimming tea – for most modern women, who want to lose a few extra pounds – all of these methods evoke the horrible anguish. Like it or not, but I can’t forget the ladies to adhere to strict diets, and do not help them a miracle teas from abroad, and about running in the mornings in a local Park can not dream, after all, here to work hard to get up, not to mention Jogging.

In such cases, it may only help a unique way to lose weight, which would not require any monetary or time costs. I think it is impossible? Possibly

with unique breathing exercises with Mary Korpan.

Breathing exercises for weight loss

Breathing exercises – this is the case when it is possible to quickly lose weight, without wasting your precious time and money on a grueling workout with all sorts of hoops, weights, diets like This… way to lose weight is perfect for all women who have excess weight.

Wonderful breathing exercises has developed a wonderful girl Marina Korpan, which by means of special exercises designed to breath, teaches correctly and quickly to lose weight.

Breathing exercises with Marina Korpan

Marina Korpan – this girl, with its popularity unique practice “bodyflex” and “oxisols”, which help everyone to drop excess weight. Classes “bodyflex” and “oxisols” was the result of years of research by the Marina, analysis of foreign experts on the fight against obesity.

Today Marina Korpan ready to share their secrets of breathing exercises for effective and quick weight loss. Now every girl who wants to lose a few extra pounds, you may follow her example and effectively get rid of excess weight, while racking up a long grueling diets.

Marina Korpan provides its followers 2 types of breathing exercises: Oxisols and Bodyflex . Both methods give excellent results already in the first weeks of classes.

Bodyflex: breathing exercises for weight loss

A huge plus of this technique is that it can be easily learn by yourself, without wasting time on visiting an expensive fitness center. In order to master the Bodyflex, quite a few times to view the training videos, which you can learn to do the exercises without leaving your home. This practice must be under the supervision of an experienced instructor, who will teach you suitable your body the pace and intensity of training.

The essence of exercises Bodyflex is that to lose weight you need to combine exercises deep breathing exercises, which are aimed at promoting flexibility of the muscles of the body. This exercises is best done early in the morning at the most beneficial time.

Hands for girls are one of the problem areas and require special attention to stay beautiful and toned, we offer a program of exercises for slimming hand. You can do at home.

Very popular diet Helen malyshevoy described in our article here .

But diet for Bodyflex does not mean that you have to start to starve or go on a strict diet, you just have to stay away from very fatty and overcooked food, which slows down the metabolism in the body and negatively affects your body.

The most effective method of weight loss Bodyflex for women who have significant weight, and who for any reason are not friends with sports and Wellness loads. The main thing here is to “charge” a desire to lose weight and become beautiful and healthy.

Contraindications gymnastics Bodyflex

Unfortunately, breathing exercises may be recommended not to everyone. Unintentional respiratory training exercises Bodyflex people who have:

blood pressure decreased or increased,

there are any types of head injuries,

the disease is bronchial asthma,

developed glaucoma,

observed arrhythmia,

is high intracranial pressure,

there are cases of heart failure,


observed pregnancy (of any period),

observed exacerbation of chronic diseases,


increased body temperature,

cholelithiasis stones when more than five millimeters, and others.

If you have one of these contraindications, then you should seriously think about what you might cost a couple extra inches on the waist

But if you still want to do breathing exercises from Marina Korpan, you should pay attention to other breathing exercises – Exisit.

Oxisols: breathing exercises for weight loss

This breathing exercises by Marina Korpan is just as effective as the Bodyflex. This result can be achieved within a week practice breathing exercises.

With this system you will be able to saturate your body with oxygen and once and for all get rid of body fat. Exisis virtually no contraindications, and that breathing exercises from Marina Korpan to do even pregnant women.

The only people who can not do the breathing exercises Exisis those who have any abnormalities in the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system. Also not recommended to do this breathing exercises to women who had survived childbirth.

For all other people, gymnastics Oxisols is the best way to quickly and painlessly lose weight and improve their health

Breathing exercises with Mary Korpan is quite simple to perform.

To perform a simple exercise, it helps to take a standing position and put your right hand on your belly.

Using the nose to take regular breaths. It should try to during respiration participated more in the stomach, and to a lesser extent the chest.

Performing this exercise, you resort to the so-called diaphragm breathing, which contributes to the saturation of the body with useful oxygen.

The exercise should be repeated at least 3 times.

Next you need to take a deep slow breath in through the nose and three short sharp up-breath through your nose and then exhale. This exercise is also worth repeating 3 times. After this exercise is to make a normal inhale-exhale through the mouth.

These exercises, if done every morning for 15-20 minutes, for 10 days will lose you several pounds.

While the Marina Korpan noted that for more effective weight loss breathing exercises should be combined with the following recommendations:

drink plenty of water;

split your lunch into a lot of smaller portions;

try to eat boiled chicken, salad, fish, which help in losing weight;

instead of fast food, try to eat healthy and healthy food.

Reviews about breathing exercises

Olga, 24 years:

First learned about the video lessons breathing exercises with Marina Korpan from the program on television. I have to admit that by the time my weight managed to exceed 100 pounds, which is connected to a variety of diseases – from chronic bronchitis to high blood sugar. When I tried breathing exercises, she immediately struck me as very light, and therefore liked. In the end, I quickly got used to these exercises, even bought a special Mat to practice, and a CD with video tutorials. Now do every day for my health and a beautiful figure. I am very glad that you just found out about breathing exercises with Marina Korpan, which helped me to lose weight up to 60 pounds!

Among the many diets, diet stands apart kovalkova – doctor of medicine. Which allows you not only to lose weight, but also not to harm the stomach.

Morning exercises perfectly tones and energizes the whole day! We offer an excellent program charge in this article .

Drink ginger was known in ancient Greece for its healing properties, now it is widely used for weight loss, all the possible recipes that we have collected nectar

Anna, 29 years old:

Immediately I did not believe that this technique can work. But when he saw his good friend on the street – gasp! She lost a lot of weight using the program bodyflex. Inspired by her results, I too am addicted to breathing exercises. To be honest, not always been able to do the exercises, but to achieve results still managed and very fast. I was normal weight, exercises bodyflex I did to tighten the skin, making it more slender shoulders and hips. I even noticed that did not experience the discomfort during menstruation, so now I do without painkillers.

In General, feedback from breathing exercises Mary Korpan confirm the efficacy of video tutorials, their ease of use and effectiveness in the fight against obesity.