The program running on the treadmill
  The program running on the treadmill for 11 weeks. The popularity of Jogging on a treadmill is easily explained: in recent years in big cities of Russia formed a…

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MASSAGE. Yoga, fitness, dance, tai Chi and qigong in Tyumen
  This massage is truly unique. One fact that it is used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 5000 years, speaks volumes. Since ancient times, massage Gouache impressed the Chinese…

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Treadmill for home how to choose


The best assistant to maintain the health and shape is simulators. It is best to have such equipment at home that you can practice at a time convenient for you. However, to acquire all the necessary range is not everyone’s strength, because it is too expensive.

The greatest benefit of all fitness equipment brings a treadmill for the house . which is certainly worth a purchase. In addition, ask for help from professionals, you can buy a good model at a relatively affordable price. To start, decide where to buy a treadmill and which type will suit

your needs in functionality, respectively, depends on the cost.

Economical option is a the simulator is a mechanical type. The treadmill is driven by man’s efforts, no additional functions, however, to train on it. In addition, treadmill mechanical type ultra light and compact so does not take up much space, if necessary, can be moved. This is very convenient especially for those who have limited living space.

Treadmill electric type Body Sculpture BT-5510 has a foldable design and is perfect for practicing at home.

But it’s better to buy an electric treadmill as it allows you to get the maximum benefit from sports. Even from this type of exercise equipment you can pick up a cheap model that will fully satisfy all your requests.

Treadmills ekonomklassa have a small set of functions, size of a cloth not more than 33 cm and an electric motor of low power. If your weight allows you to train on the trainer and treadmill belt you are quite satisfied), you can use this option. Thus the cost of the treadmill is not as high and readily available to everyone. If you wish to develop physical activity or, if necessary, it is better to buy a treadmill Amateur class. There is already inherent in the program with some types of training, but it is also possible to independently adjust the parameters of the load, to create their own system of practice, and where to buy a treadmill of this type – will decide after studying the proposals in several stores. The canvas is slightly wider from 37 to 39 cm, which gives more space for action.

This electric treadmill class refers to Hi-End. It differs from the previous – mainly the size of the leaf – 45-50 cm Latest variety of exercise machines are referred to a professional. There’s on-Board computer will install for you, permissible load, count pulse, heartbeat. Training on these simulators are the most effective, however, and their price is high enough.