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Neskuchny ideas for fitnesa

May 21 and 22 at the Ufa climbing wall Kul-Tau hosted the second open “Borderfest memory of Yegor Pinigina” for athletes and fans. Was a great success!

Climbing wall Kul-Tau is undoubtedly one of the best in Russia, and a height of about 17 meters, the terrain is very diverse, difficulty, speed and bouldering. Is outdoors in the warmer months is a great advantage. Besides the open space helps to create the unique atmosphere of the climbing party.

For the second year in a row Ufa mountain sports club “Mixed” holds bouldering festival in memory of his friend Egor Pinigina, who died in

the Fann mountains in 2009. Competing fans and athletes, and on different tracks that always love to fans – here they all have equal chances. Last year, the first festival of many loved from the current waited even more, and those who came or came, for the most part was very pleased. This time the competition attracted more than 80 participants from Ufa, Orenburg, Magnitogorsk, Salavat, Izhevsk. Among athletes – a fairly strong squad, a lot of kmov, attended by the master of sports in both men and women.

Almost the most important thing in any competitions and festivals – good tracks. The production runs were engaged in a lot of people, but perhaps the most significant contribution made to Ruslan Suyundikov (Salavat) and Andrew Suleymanov (Ufa). The route turned out to be harder than last year, but that’s probably even more interesting.

Qualification took place on the festival system, and the fans and the athletes. We had to climb 10 runs for 2 sets, each set was given about an hour of time. There were many people, so many complained that he was not able to try everything. I would like to add: those who wanted, he managed. -) The girls on the slopes were more clues, which, frankly, if and facilitated the route slightly, so not much difference was felt. All 10 qualifying runs in athletes were Alexander Stepanov, Arsene Gainanov (both Ufa), Nikolay Shved, Anastasia Maslakova (both Magnitogorsk). Lovers after 1 round led Ruzanna Abdulina and Marat Mullahmetov. According to the results of the qualification determined the finalists – 10 people in each group Amateurs and men’s teams and 6 women-sporstbook.

After qualifying was jumping. Intrigue the girls remained for a very long time, four people within a few attempts tried to take the same height. In the end it finally conquered Ekaterina Popova (known under her maiden name Kulagina). In second place was Julia Aisina, Daria Kahn, Elvin Palmanova (Ufa). Men also four people made it to the final lap. Like last year, the main prize in this program was given to Alexander Stepanov (Ufa).

In weekend tired of fans and athletes waited for the final tracks that were not so “baby”, as in Saturday. The final was held at the sports system, 5 tracks, 5 minutes each.

Among fans, the winners were:

1st place – Abdullina Ruzanna (Orenburg), Mullahmetov Marat (Salavat);

2nd place – Chistochina Catherine (Ufa), Alexey Martyanov (Orenburg);

3rd place – Hamet Irina (Ufa); Sergey Prokudin (Orenburg)

In the group “Athletes” won:

1 place Maslakova Anastasia (Magnitogorsk); Stepanov, Alexander (Ufa)

2nd place Julia Aisina (Ufa); Zakirov Daniel (Ufa, sports school №11)