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Why weight is for weight loss 10 causes


Each lady wants to look attractive. Often there are problems with overweight. In order to overcome this, women sit on a varied diet, going to the gym. But a huge number of women who want to lose weight, you face a problem, when stopped weight for weight loss. It would seem, selected appropriate methods to combat obesity, but he stopped and disappear isn’t going anywhere. What happened? Why is the weight worth it?

What are the possible causes of stop weight?

No matter which method you choose, but originally before losing weight, the body tends to get rid of large amounts of excess fluid, then it starts to leave the fat reserves. In addition, after the first result we forget that we need to move forward at the same pace and not start to unwind. Most nutritionists believe that there is such a period in women with weight loss, when the weight got up and disappears.

State when the weight is up, is called a “diet plateau”. With this diet plateau the body gets used to his new situation, he adapts to a new kind of existence. So it’s not necessary to load its various new methods of weight loss. The number of daytime food intake reduced, which means that the body will have to take additional energy value of their reserves of fat, helping to lower weight.

But after a while, there comes a point when the body and the body getting used to and rhythm. Now there is no need to eat a large amount of calories, the body has learned to maintain the main functions of activity with a small amount of food. This means that the loss process is slowed down. But don’t stop to reduce your weight, should continue at the same pace, do not forget about physical activity, which are necessary to the unused calories are left in stock. If you stop, returning to normal life, the weight will appear again, and not only the one you lost, but will add additional pounds. If you notice that the weight is, it is necessary to revise weight loss program .

The main reasons for the stop weight

Why the weight up? You must pay attention to the most common reasons that stops weight losing weight. Consider these reasons in more detail.

The constant weighing. Constantly be weighed is not necessary. Scales have a tendency to fail. Some may even show the wrong numbers. So before you think about stopping the weight, check your scales for serviceability. Perhaps they are responsible for stopping the body mass.

Consumption of calories. If you consume a large amount of calories, little they spend, then, of course, the weight will not decrease. Many losing weight think that if they exercise, it means that you can eat more. This misconception. To control your calories, you can use a food diary where you need to add the number of calories consumed throughout the day.

Failure to comply with the diet. If you don’t follow the diet, you will have problems with body weight. The best method is smaller meals. Breakfast is split into 2 stages. stage 1 drink in the morning at 8 o’clock, 2nd stage – 11. After lunch in 4 hours you can eat fruit, and then proceed to dinner. By this method all the energy will be consumed uniformly, the body will not be able to lay in supplies.

The presence of excess fluid in the body can cause stop weight to lose weight. You should know what foods have a tendency to hold excess water in the body. The main product that retains water, is salt. Therefore, restrict its use. Redundant liter of fluid is able to give on the scale of 1 kg mass.

Lack of fluids in the body also affects the weight. Due to the small amount of water fails in metabolism. He slows down. A slow metabolism is fraught with the purchase of extra pounds.

Still diet and exercise. Most girls believe that if going to the gym and engage in active physical activity, then nothing needs to change in your diet. This misconception. You not only have to change the food, but also to choose those products that will be aimed at weight decline.

Wrong strength exercises. Ideal physical exercise for losing weight will be the so-called cardio. They will help you not only reduce weight, but also to strengthen the heart and entire cardiovascular system. Classes should last more than 40 minutes.

Premenstrual women. During menstruation it is possible to gain extra pounds, because this period is characterized by the appearance of nervousness, irritability, and excessive appetite. Therefore it is necessary to follow a diet to get better.

Little time is given to exploring. Hiking is very good for those who wish to shed excess pounds. Walks very useful. Thus the oxygen that enter the body will begin to burn calories acquired over dinner.

Incorrect replacement of food. Often the weight stops, when you replace the usual food wrong food. First you need protein to lose weight. Consequently, you have to eat chicken meat, beef, seafood and dairy products. They will help to preserve muscle tone and strengthen the metabolism.

Summing up

So, if your weight abruptly stood up, then something you did wrong. So you need to decide at what stage of your weight stopped what products you have replaced, carry out physical activity. If you are sure that everything is done correctly and smoothly, then in this case you can consult a nutritionist. He would find out the reason of a stop of body mass during weight loss.