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Exercises for the legs, warm up on your feet
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Fitness at home or how to lose weight with exercise


Fitness at home is the best solution for those wants to have a slim and physically fit body, but who has time to go to the gym, are sorely lacking. But before you start to physical exercise, I recommend to familiarize with the basic principles of home fitness. Physical activity (dosage) and the choice of exercise should be appropriate to the age and physical fitness and endurance of women.

The main principle for exercise, alone, is the regularity and systematicity. Only this can ensure a gradual increase in fitness of the

organism and adapted to the loads in the classroom. Physical activity is necessary especially elderly women. Exercise helps to eliminate various ailments of menopause. Starting to exercise even in old age, you can slow down or pause, some adverse processes (increase of body weight, sagging muscles) to improve posture and increase body’s resistance to disease and even to start the mechanism of the normalization of weight ( isn’t that the answer to the eternal question: How to lose weight? ). At this age, you should avoid exercises that help the rush of blood to the head, dizziness, exercises associated with breath-holding or requiring a lot of muscle tension. First you need to perform simple exercises, those that take it easy, to complicate and increase the load gradually. In this exercise, you need to follow the proper tempo and rhythm, not to forget about correct breathing. You can make the course more enjoyable with music.

Music during exercise causes positive emotions, develops an innate sense of rhythm. It replaces the spoken word and causes a certain already learned the move. Music helps to relieve fatigue, strengthen the satisfaction and the joy of movement.

For exercise should be enough space. If you are in the apartment, we need to open the window in winter .at least ventilate the area. It is better to do exercise in the morning, and the afternoon and evening, but preferably at the same time. When choosing the exercises assume those figure flaws that you intend to eliminate.

During daily activities and don’t forget about the exercises to develop correct posture. Need to train primarily the muscles of the back, the tone of which is essential for your posture. Each session begin with light exercises to warm up your body, then you can start to exercises for individual muscle groups. Breathing should be deep and correct.

How many times to repeat the exercise? It depends on the goal: strengthening the force, the increase or decrease of certain muscles or losing weight. To reduce muscle volume of the upper parts of the body, it is recommended to do exercise 14 — 20 times, for lower body — 20-40. Exercises you can use and additional cargo — miscellaneous household items. If you do not set a goal, it is enough to repeat the exercise 6 to 8 times. After each exercise need to relax.

You need to be prepared for the fact that the results will not appear immediately. They will be found only when the body gets used to increased physical activity. Much depends on the willpower and ability to overcome fatigue in the initial period, persistence in the classroom. Recommended to do daily, as often as possible to walk, to use every opportunity for active movements. Only then mobility will become a particle of your life, a source of health and joy.