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Breathing exercises Buteyko the technique, the exercises, the results


465781385456244Soviet scientist in the 60-ies has developed a method of volitional elimination of deep breathing, which allows to get rid of diseases associated with abnormal metabolism. Breathing exercises Buteyko in the 21st century has become a more common method of treatment, it was used to professionals not only in the countries of the former CIS, but also abroad.

The basis and the essence of the methodology

During studies of asthma Buteyko found that the volume of the lungs suffering from this disease compared to a healthy person 2-3 times. Because of the facts, the doctor concluded that the cause of most of the pathologies of metabolic processes lies in alveolar hyperventilation.

Simply put, deep breathing triggers the blood-oxygen saturation, and a sharp decrease in the concentration of carbon dioxide. Such a rebalancing requires admission of more air (because the CO2 produced is from it). Therefore suffocating the person tries to do more deep breaths, thereby only exacerbating his condition and causing an acute shortage of carbon dioxide.

Technique of breathing on Buteyko is based on how to control the balance between the concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide. This is achieved by formulating good habits and shallow breathing, using the diaphragm.

How does gymnastics?

In order to saturate the blood with carbon dioxide, relieve spasms of the airway, breath fabrics and reduces the tone of smooth muscles, increase the pause between breaths and make them surface.

Exercises to stimulate the trigeminal nerve and widening the blood vessels. As a consequence, improves the absorption cells of oxygen, normalizes cerebral and pulmonary circulation, balance is achieved in the exchange process.

From what diseases helps the Buteyko method?

It is interesting that the developer of the theory have been cured of asthma by using the proposed method. Further research confirmed that, in addition to this pathology, breathing exercises Buteyko helps to cure the following diseases:




arterial hypertension;

the deterioration of blood circulation in the brain;

allergic reactions.

In medical practice is actively used in the subject method even for the relief of symptomatic manifestations of pneumonia.

The correct technique of breathing on Buteyko and core exercises

Main principles:

To make a very shallow breath no longer than 3 seconds through your nose. Either the thorax or the abdomen should move. Air is not below the collarbones.

In the same way to breathe, but 3-4 seconds.

Pause between inhales and exhales in 4 seconds.

The described process is similar to the situation that the person is a little bit afraid to breathe or sniffs.

It should be noted that learning the basic set of exercises in the first 2-3 sessions should be conducted strictly under the doctor’s supervision, as it can draw attention to the inaccuracies of execution. Further mastered the exercises you can do yourself at home.


Sit straight on a chair, sit comfortably, put your palms on your knees.

Relax the body.

To normalize shallow breathing until a momentary feeling of lack of air.

Continue for about 10-12 minutes.

Exercises breathing exercises Buteyko:

To inhale for 5 seconds, relax the smooth muscles of the sternum, the same time – on the exhale. To withstand 5-secondory pause. Repeat 10 times.

Picking up the first air phrenic Department, and then my lungs to breathe in 7.5 seconds (shallow). Exhale similarly, you can hold your breath for 5 seconds. Do 10 times.

Not to breathe in the maximum amount of time that can withstand. During the pause to make acupressure point massage of the nose.

Inhale and exhale 10 times for each nostril separately.

Over 7.5 seconds to make a belly breath. The same amount of time to spend on exhale maximally exhaling. During the 5-second break to keep the muscles epigastric tension, stomach in. To execute 10 times.

To make maximum 12 inhalations and exhalations for 2.5 seconds without stopping. After 12 times directly to withstand the highest possible pause. The exercise is done once.

To train level shallow breathing. First breaths, breaths and pauses to spend 5 seconds (1 minute), then 7.5 (2 minutes), then 10 (3-4 minutes).

To withstand the maximum delay of breath when you exhale, then inhale. Run 1 time.

Attach physical activity: observe a pause when walking, Jogging in place and the squats from 3 to 10 times.

Performing shallow breathing consciously reduce the amount of intake air until even noticeable lack of oxygen. To bring this exercise to 10 minutes.

You should note that the complex is preferably done on an empty stomach.

The results and effectiveness of treatment

Breathing exercises Buteyko helps not only to eliminate the above mentioned diseases, but also triggers a natural cleansing of the body.

As shown by the reviews of people and their healthcare professionals, exercise helps rebuild all metabolic processes, improve the endocrine, digestive, immune and cardiovascular system.

Speaking directly about bronchial asthma, it is confirmed that after 14-60 days after the start of use of the methodology Buteyko significantly reduced the frequency of attacks decreases the dosage of essential medicines, even indispensable corticosteroid aerosols.