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How to breathe correctly during Bega


While running, the body’s need for oxygen increases tenfold. Usually beginners do not pay attention to your breath until that moment, until we start to suffocate and enough air through the mouth. It is therefore important to monitor how You breathe while running.

About how to breathe correctly while running . I now tell You.

First, let’s have one test. It will help determine whether You have a lack of oxygen in the body.

1) Lie on your back

2) One hand on the chest, the other on the belly

3) Take 5 deep breaths.

If up and down will move the hand on your stomach, then You have normal diaphragmatic breathing and lack of oxygen there is.

If you will move the hand on the chest, so there’s a lack of oxygen. This is nothing terrible. Just You need to learn to breathe with the diaphragm.

This test is a kind of exercise for the ability to breathe through the diaphragm or the stomach.

When you inhale try to inflate the abdomen. When you exhale draw.

After a couple of training You get used to this breathing.

Why exactly need to breathe by the diaphragm when running? Because it’s deeper and more efficient breathing. Thanks to this breath a few times will increase the access of oxygen to all the internal organs, which in turn will help to achieve great results. Such breathing is much easier on your dash.

It is breathing the diaphragm is taught in the first stage in yoga and martial arts. Because it helps you focus and save as much energy as possible.

How to breathe correctly to warm up before a run?

Every workout begins with a warm-up. But even while it is not necessary to forget about correct breathing.

During the warm-up is necessary to set the correct rhythm of breathing:

During the execution of exercises on the exhale you need to make an effort, and inhale on the relaxation.

In the moment of greatest tension – breath, the lowest – exhalation.

When the position of the body contributes to the compression of the chest – take a breath. When the expansion – breath.

For example, when you leans, do exhale when you rise – take a breath.

Professional athletes for a minute before Jogging make the hyperventilation of the lungs. They are about a minute they take a deep breath.

How to breathe when running?

You should breathe only through the nose! Exactly recommend doing specialists. Passing through the nose, the air is cleaned and moistened.

But there is need to consider one thing! Because the nasal passages are narrow, they can’t skip a lot of oxygen. In the end, after a long run, there is oxygen starvation, and we begin to breathe through the mouth.

Nose breathing while running increases the load on the heart, which increases the heart rate. This leads to a rapid loss of energy and fatigue.

Breathe through your mouth while running! There is also the assertion. But they are not true.

Mouth breathing allows to obtain a sufficiently large amount of oxygen.

But if when breathing through the nose, the air is cleared, when breathing through the mouth, all microorganis and dust penetrate into the bronchi and trachea, settling there.

And in winter the cold air trapped in the mouth, cools the Airways.

As a result, their pollution and hypothermia. What causes various infectious and respiratory diseases.

So how to breathe. Through the ears.

No! We looked only at constant breathing through the nose and constant breathing through the mouth, and there is another option – mixed breathing!

The essence of mixed breathing is . You breathe at the same time and the mouth and nose. With approximately 70% of the air will enter through the mouth, and 30% through the nose.

Of course, to constantly monitor the breathing is very difficult, and still most will be inhaled through the mouth. But still, it’s one of the best options.

This type of breathing allows you to increase the amount of inhaled oxygen at times and the speed of delivery into the lungs.

In this part of the air will be cleared.

The second type of mixed breathing . Breath in through your nose, and exhale through the mouth. Thus, when inhaling the air cleared, and when you exhale out carbon dioxide, which contributes to lung ventilation.

I use this method.

The third type of mixed breathing . Inhale through mouth, exhale through the nose. In my opinion this is inconvenient, especially while running.

However, this technique is used by some people.

Plus the fact that flows a lot of air, but minus the air is not cleared. In winter, this way You will not be able to breathe 🙂

Striping method .

Many runners use the methods of alternating breaths at regular intervals.

The most common method: four steps — inhale through the nose, for four steps and exhale through the mouth.

You can do intervals in two steps or three. As You will be more convenient. It all depends on running speed.

How to breathe while sprinting?

When the women’s short sprint distance (400 meters), breath control is simply impossible. During the sprint race, the body releases large amounts of energy, breathing as if grasped. And after a run, the body recovers.

I think You noticed that while running at 30 or 60 meters You can barely breathe, all attention is focused on running speed. And after you start Jogging greedily swallow the air, making deep breaths.

So, when I run the sprint race – don’t think about breathing. The body will adapt. Only after the run through, make enough deep breaths.

How to breathe while running middle distance?

I am sure that most of those who are reading this article, as they average distances (600-3000 meters).

During such running second to breathe better way mixed breathing: inhale through the nose, exhaling through the mouth. Without alternations on the intervals!

How to breathe while running long distances?

When running long distances (3000-42000 meters), you should try to keep breathing until the very end. Therefore it is better to use the method of alternating inhalations and exhalations at intervals, about which I wrote above.

How to breathe when running on ultra-long distance?

Ultra-marathon runners (50-100 km) I try to breathe only through the nose. Thus they have the possibility to eat on the run, when mouth breathing is impossible.

How to recover breath after the race?

After running any distance breathing quickens.

As I said – after the sprint You start very often and deeply to inhale and exhale. This is the standard recovery process of breathing.

To speed up the recovery process of breath after running, you need to follow these rules:

1) immediately After running don’t stop and sit down!

First walk for a couple of minutes to restore heartbeat and breathing.

2) When the run will go on foot to breathe so deep inhale through the nose, exhaling through the mouth. So the recovery will go faster.

3) Can do Mahi hands, some of it also helps to restore breathing

Proper breathing while running – General recommendations:

I always say that you need to write only about what he tried. So I can tell you one thing: breathe in, keeping Your body! No breathing technique while running will not help Your body to restore energy, better than the body itself!

If you constantly monitor your breath, take steps and seconds, we can turn running into useless and nasty lesson.

What I described above – only methods, which often use professional athletes. We are ordinary people.

The main drawback of methods – rigid frames. Therefore, many methods were not applicable to all people. For someone they work with, and for someone not.

Therefore, I advise You to try all the methods described for yourself, and choose the best option.

For example, I have this breath through the nose, exhale through the mouth. I live where it’s convenient.

Tips for runners:

1) If you start greedily enough air through the mouth while running, You run too fast or are tired. Slow down or walk a few meters to recover breath and strength.

2) If the sick side, thus the lower part of the lungs gets enough air. To fix this, you need to breathe through the diaphragm. I wrote about this above.

Walk a couple of minutes, using diaphragmatic breathing, and then continue running.

If the pain has not subsided, it is better to go home and relax.

3) Run more often! The more you run, the faster will increase the volume of the lungs. And this, in turn, will give You the opportunity to breathe deeply, and keep breathing throughout the race.

And finally, here’s a little video:

How to breathe while running:

So what are You waiting for. Put on your running shoes and go!