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Truth and myths about strength exercises for women


The full range of modern fitness contains three basic components, inseparable from each other: aerobic exercise, strength training and a balanced diet.

But for some reason the women on this list have chosen, as a rule, only aerobics (including many areas: shaping, stretching, step aerobics, and

others), but may still, reluctantly, balanced diet. When fitness trainer advises strength training, it causes much less enthusiasm than fat burning lesson. And for good reason: fat burning and muscle strengthening – two sides of the same coin. If you can lose weight, but you will not get a lean muscular physique, your efforts no one will appreciate.

Seems logical – but to go the right way interfere with common myths.

I barely started, I have highly developed muscles. I don’t want to have overinflated figure!

Potential men genetically such that they can build muscle 20-30 times faster and more than women. Is determined that the level of the hormone testosterone in women is less than ten times. The first noticeable thickening of the muscle fibers occurs in 6-7 years. With the onset of the Polo model puberty (11-15 years) in boys, there is an intensive growth of muscle mass, the girls he ends. Before puberty maximum strength in boys and girls is negligible. Common indicators of muscle strength in women who do not do sports, 30-40% less than men (not sports).

Different and the topography of power: women, compared with men, relatively weaker muscles of the arms, shoulders and torso.

Therefore, it is unlikely that you will ever meet too inflated or just an inflated woman. It is simply impossible.

On the contrary, strength exercises help women to become slimmer as burn fat. Women strength training is even more important than men.

Strength exercises in women to a greater extent reduce the percentage of adipose tissue, but to a lesser extent than men, affecting the growth of muscle mass.

While you led a sedentary lifestyle, your muscles gradually atrophied. You begin studying, and they have slightly increased to perform the load. But how much will they increase? For the first 6-9 months large muscles (primarily the front of the thigh) may increase in volume by 1-2 cm If you shed excess fat, thigh volume will not change, it will only become tighter. But after these 1-2 cm will have to do a hard work to achieve even at least some noticeable muscle growth!

Often immediately after a workout, the muscles seem bigger than they were. No wonder: they worked, were filled with blood and simply swollen 1-1,5 cm in half an hour it will pass. In addition, do not forget that muscle is the natural fabric of the human body. By medical standards, they should be 30% of body weight in women and 40% in men. Fat, by the way, the same standards must be a less muscle – up to 25% in women and 20% men.

I’m already muscular

Practice shows that women, even athletes, can never be too muscular.

If you think that you have one or another part of the body “inflated” because it’s big, but solid – so actually there are too many dense fat.

After 20-25 years, a woman who is not engaged in any intense sport, loses on average per year 200-300 grams of muscle mass, which is replaced by fat. For 50 years this figure is doubled. If your muscles are not working actively, they atrophy. This is reflected in the reduction of the daily calorie burning, resulting in weight gain. To slow down this process is possible only through the strength exercises. 20woman-353×235.jpg” /%

For strength training I will lose flexibility

Proper strength training only improve muscle balance and flexibility. If to explain in a nutshell, when you compress a muscle, you stretch the opposite. For example, straining the biceps on the front of your arm, you at the same time, stretch the triceps at the bottom of the arm. That is, strength training simultaneously contain and stretching exercises, yoga as a physical.

It takes a long time to achieve any visible results

Because strength exercises “to change fat to muscle, and muscle is heavier than fat, you may seem that you are not stroiney. Focus not on scale, and a tape measure and his own reflection in the mirror. Generally, women are 2-3 half-hour of strength training per week.

Due to the growth of muscle you can gain weight!

That’s the truth. Muscles are 30% heavier than fat, so increasing them even 1-2 cm gives 3-5 kg in plus. But do not forget that you need to drop the fat, which is much more. In General, one has to focus not only on the scale, but also in centimeters. Regularly measure waist and hips, and if they (especially the first) are reduced – it’s all right, even if the numbers on the scale grow.

The fact that exercise is also affect bone health: those actively accumulate calcium, have become stronger. On the scales it may also be affected, but the risk of osteoporosis and fractures decreases.

It also happens that in the first week and increase the weight and volume. This is due to the fact that muscles have already started to grow, and covering them zhirok not yet burned. Check your diet! It’s possible that after training you can not control your appetite and eats everything burn.

Then we come to the most important part of the training process – the strength training.

A few more tips to lose weight without dieting at home