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How to breathe while running, breathing for weight loss


There are quite a number of sports, each of which has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. As the main sport many people choose running, no matter what, what is the result they want to achieve, be it weight loss, maintaining muscle tone, or giving the body relief. The choice falls on a run is not a coincidence, since Jogging does not need to have a particular sports training and also no need to use additional sports equipment. Unfortunately, not always running brings the desired results, and this fact is not connected with low intensity workouts or violation of the rules of running. It’s all in the breathing,

which plays a very important role in any sport, and those that involve intense cardio, it requires special attention. Thus, we can conclude that for a correct running is not enough to know the technique of the movements and be able to hold the correct body position, you also need to breathe correctly.

The naturalness of breathing

It is especially hard to cope with the technique of breathing novice runners. The thing is that while Jogging, they have to think not only about breathing, but to concentrate on the movements of the hands and feet, how they put the foot and how to move, what muscles are working, and what sensations they feel while running. This can cause artificial respiration that will have a negative impact on the result. The maximum effect of any sport, including running, can be obtained only from experiencing this pleasure, and an excessive stress all your actions and movements will be stiff and not natural. Therefore, novice runners, not having the proper sports training and sufficient practice, it is recommended to run with a low pace and not to focus on the breath. However, don’t let the breath go, as incorrect or beaten breath can not only deprive the result, but also cause negative consequences in the form of health problems or injuries.

Types of breathing

If you are not a professional athlete and running for you is just a way to keep fit, then you can choose for yourself one of the main known techniques of breathing during the exercise. To start with, you should from your individual characteristics and physical fitness of the body. Consider the most common breathing techniques, which will help increase the productivity of Jogging.

The first type of respiration that can be selected for the main while running, this nasal.

As you’ve probably guessed, during such breathing and inhale and exhale through the nose. For a long time it is this breath was considered correct and adhered to even professional athletes, but, as it turned out, nasal breathing significantly reduced the productivity under intensive loads that are not supplying the body with sufficient oxygen. Therefore, such a breathing suit with light Jogging and will be suitable for newcomers to the sport.

The next type of breathing involves the use not only of the nose and the mouth. In this case, the breath is done through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. This method is more acceptable with vigorous running, as it allows excrete greater amounts of carbon dioxide, releasing him lungs and the entire body. While inhaling through the nose needs to be quite deep. This type of breathing is optimal for winter Jogging. Inhaling noses, you don’t let the frosty air to SuperCool the body. Passing through the upper airway, and he warmed into the lungs, already having the desired temperature. This is due to the fact that the resistance to air flow through the nose, much stronger than the mouth.

And finally, the third type of breathing while running is exhale and inhale through the mouth. Mouth breathing provides a sufficient amount of oxygen the lungs and the whole body, so is recommended for people at an advanced age and those who are just starting their career. It should also be noted that this breathing technique can only be applied with minimal stress on the body, and only in the warmer months.

Breathing in the warm

For anybody not a secret that the beginning of any workout, be it cardio or power load, is warming up, and running is no exception. To get the most benefit from running, it is recommended to follow a specific breathing technique during execution of the warm-up. It helps to tune the body into the right mood and tempo, and to facilitate the flow of the workout and save you from unwanted injuries.

Basically, the workout includes simple exercises, presented in the form Makhov, attacks and tilts. To increase the efficiency of warm-up and prepare the muscles to run, you need to follow the breath. Take a breath in that moment, when your chest is very fully, so you can fill it with more oxygen. Exhale does one need to do when the chest contracts. If in the process of performing the exercise, the chest is not activated, such as during the attacks, the exhalation is done at the maximum point of tension of the muscles, namely the endpoint of exercise. Returning to the starting position, take a deep breath, and then exhale, repeating the exercise. Remember breathing a rule, never hold your breath because it’ll bring down the rhythm of your body.

Breathing while running

Speaking of breathing, many imagine towering Breasts during the Commission of a deep inhalation and exhalation, but despite the stereotypes, such breathing is wrong and ineffective. For best results, you should breathe with no Breasts and belly. If you make it difficult enough, therefore, to practice this breathing technique is recommended during walking so as not to be distracted by extraneous thoughts during exercise. Taking a breath, you fill the air chest and inflate the stomach, releasing the air out, squeeze the abdominal muscles.

With regard to the intensity of breathing, the ideal is the exercise of inhalation and exhalation intervals of four steps. That is, the breathing should be slow and measured. You need to inhale as much oxygen, to be enough to commit more than two steps. This will not only make running more efficient, but also significantly save the energy that you will need to get the result. In order to learn this breathing, you need to prepare ourselves gradually, beginning with inhalation and exhalation every two steps, gradually increasing the speed of the steps, and the interval between breaths.

Breathing for weight loss

To lose weight with running is hard enough, but this method brings the most long lasting results, as during the run not only burn fat, but also train almost all muscle groups. As mentioned earlier, a huge value in the race is given to the breath. During the thirty-minute jog at an average pace and with proper breathing you can get rid of a lot of calories and lose up to three hundred grams that will not come back soon, if you are to adhere to proper nutrition. When breathing through the diaphragm, you are not only saturated with oxygen, but also perform an additional exercise that helps get rid of fat at the belly. In addition, getting sufficient amount of oxygen in the body normalize and accelerate metabolism, which promotes weight loss. So, if you want to lose weight, exercise and carefully watch your breath, because even in everyday life, proper breathing can cause burning calories and losing weight.