8. 1. Training to compete at the oars
  The selection of rowing boat team In preparation for boat rowing competitions are executed activities, outlined in Chapter 2. Focuses on the selection of the team and the choice…

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How to breathe correctly when Behe
  Proper breathing plays an important role in the life of the human body. From how our body absorbs oxygen, determines the processes inside us. And proper breathing while running…

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The cross trenirovok


My name is Ilya may, swimmer-marathoner. I worked from childhood: from the beginning, with 5 years of figure skating, then swimming. And, of course, Hiking, travelling across Russia, and went kayaking with my parents.

At 8 years old, in second grade, I enrolled in the swimming section of the society “Dynamo”, from 6 to 10 class trained at Dynamo sports school, studied at the sports school №210 of Moscow. 9th and 10th grade classes attended evening when MSF MAI. In 1989 he entered the Moscow aviation Institute, continued to train in the swimming section of the Institute, participated in student Olympics.

And in the future – swimming has always been a priority! I participated in the masters and was a multiple prize winner, in 2007 met with veteran sports movement. And triathlon also love the team spirit!

I started with a sprint distance, but I’m still more impressed stayers: I think that for the health of long loads healthier.

Already very long ago I had a dream: to travel the longest distance in open water, in the sea. To prepare and implement their plans is not easy…. However, with the support of my friends and colleagues in the 2015th year – I am sure! – I will succeed!

So: it will be the Intercontinental Charity Marathon swim in the Red sea, a distance of 75 km. time – 24 hours. And mileage, and duration, of course, approximate because so much depends on weather conditions! Hopefully the weather Fortune)

Those who will not be able to join me and come to Hurghada, have the opportunity to attend the press conference and live stream (online) my finish 6 June in Moscow, at the hotel holiday Inn Simonovsky.

To train and prepare for the swim I started a very long time. Along with five-time world champion in open water swimming Evgeny Bezruchenko we have developed a system of training, nutrition, and medical supervision. Constantly train in pools of Moscow, had a few test problemov in the Red sea.

The route of my sailing starts at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, the Cape of RAS Mohammed, which is located about 10km from Sharm El Sheikh, and will end in Hurghada, in the New port. Very beautiful and little-known Islands lie in my way: O. Sadan is the largest island at the mouth of the Gulf of Suez, Northern red sea, which is well known to divers with nearby reef, notorious for having “graveyard of sunken ships”; O. Giftun, stretching over 8km along Hurghada. From the Northern lighthouse O. Giftun will begin the final part of sailing, I’m joined by the pupils of the Egyptian school of sailing and Paralympic athletes.

My swim – charity. I raise funds for the Charitable trust Fund “GlcNAc” angelina Shmeleva. She also has a dream – to learn to walk… of Course, we need money for treatment and rehabilitation… And I want to help the girl to get her hopes were realized

I get asked a lot of questions on… of Course I do swim, will not be easy. But I will do it! my motto is “EVERYONE CAN DO THIS!”, and your example I want to tell You, Friends, that every one of You, really, it can! The main goal and desire! And support, of course!

After a few days I completed training in the pool in Moscow and go to Egypt to continue training already in place sailing.

I will tell you about their experiences and the results of training!