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Elliptical trainer Torneo Venta


Elliptical trainer Torneo Venta C-207 will be a wonderful acquisition for beginners in the fitness world, and for more advanced users. The elliptical trainer has all the necessary functions that allows a full workout at home.

Orbitrek Torneo Venta C-207: General characteristics

Load. Through the use of the design of the magnetic system of loading, providing an inhibitory element of the flywheel (5 kg), cross-trainer allows you to make a smooth ellipsoidal movement and virtually silent workout.

The load levels on the elliptical trainer Torneo Venta C-207 (in the range from 1 to 8) are changed by mechanical speed regulation. Turning the relay is located on the steering rack.

Settings step. Orbitrek Torneo Venta C-207 allows you to combine regular walking, Jogging, a Bicycle and a simulated cross-country skiing, thanks to step on the trajectory of the ellipse (305 mm long). The optimal dimensioning of the step to the value of the long pedal (780 mm) provides a comfortable unstressed movement.

Measurement of heart rate. The heart rate sensors built into fixed steering handrails elliptical trainer Torneo Venta C-207 and automatically read the information in the session. To do this, firmly press both palms to the sensors for 30 seconds.

The ease of use. The small size of the elliptical trainer Torneo Venta C-207 (HH cm), burdensome weight (30,2 kg), and also provided the design of the conveying rollers make it easy to set the machine in any apartment and freely move it around in space, if necessary. Despite having a lightweight frame, elliptical trainer will safely support user weight up to 100 kg.

Bonuses from the manufacturer. Italian company Amberton Group gives a guarantee on an elliptical trainer Torneo Venta C-207 1.5 years frame – 5 years. These figures once again underline the high reliability of the elliptical in operation.

System. On a monochrome LCD screen of the simulator Torneo Venta C-207 displayed the utmost training parameters:

The training time;






The computer of the elliptical provides the ability to view the parameters in a scanning mode. Under the monitor use the button to select the desired mode.

Optimization of load levels and the construction of the training process

You can build a workout on the elliptical Torneo Venta C-207 in any required manner, the cross-trainer allows you to set any load and to control the value of the current pulse.

The burning of calories. Prolonged occupation (35-50 minutes) low intensity (levels №№1-2 beginner, №№3-4 – average training, No. 5-6 –advanced user). Regularity: at least 4 times a week. Zone heart rate: 65% of the upper bound.

To develop endurance. Choose a increased degree of stress, when there is a sense of movement on the limit (level No. 2-3 beginner, No. 4-5 – average training, No. 6-7 –advanced user, No. 8 – Pro). Duration: 20-30 minutes. Frequency: 3-4 times a week. Pulse zone: 75% of maximum.

Exercise to improve health. You can go on the elliptical trainer Torneo Venta C-207 daily quarter of an hour, choosing any degree of intensity.

Orbitrek Torneo Venta C-207: home gym

When purchasing an elliptical trainer Torneo Venta C-207, you get:

comprehensive exercise all major muscles of the body;

increase the endurance level of the body;

protection against stress;

the removal of the uncomfortable conditions of fatigue.

And all this taking into account traffic safety and provided lessons in a comfortable home environment.