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Of treadmill exercise training and walking


Tasks running training regardless of the type is to develop speed endurance, improve running speed and on this basis to build and develop technical and tactical skills in the fight for the victory. For any of these sports think it is useful to have in running stock speed, endurance, ease and freedom of movement that determine success in competitive activity.

Fixed assets running and technical training in running

The diversity of special cross-country exercises discussed above, as well as the main types of running:

524. Running with the 20-60 m for different number of cross-country moves.

525. Running straight on segments 6 to 30-50 cross-country steps ran cross-country 12-16 steps into the wind and against the wind.

526. Running from a low start on segments 30-150 m in a straight line, on a curve, with the transition uphill, downhill with the transition to direct.

527. Acceleration 80-200 m: uniform, with smooth increase of tempo steps up to the maximum, the change of pace, with an emphasis on moving forward on the length and cross-country moves or at the maximum rate of cross country moves with the reduction of their length.

528. High or low start propagana 100 m for a certain task, the number of cross-country steps to learn the optimal stride length required for maximum speed, same with your eyes closed for a greater number of steps for mastering the movements.

529. Running with low start and progress through barriers in 3-5 cross-country steps (3-12 barriers) with variation of the distance between them and their height.

530. Running between small objects (foam sponge) 10-25 pieces, lying at a distance of 1.5-2 m for the development of the rate of movement from the preliminary run 10-12 b .W.

During treadmill training, you need to constantly monitor and improve the core components of running speed: length, frequency, and freedom of execution steps. Length of steps can be increased in the acceleration and agility on the go 40-60 m in fewer steps. The pace can be developed in the race with the go on 20-40 m for the larger number of steps or up to 60-80 m at a slight incline to 2.5″ and in the wind. It is useful to use parachutes (1.5-2.5 m 2 ) and a traction device for weighting and to facilitate (front pull) running. Alternate Jogging with special exercises. Use short-term effect of their useful catalytic effects.

Use diverse mix of segments: 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 mile 30, 50, 100, 50,30 m; or h m, h m; or 2×40 m, h m, 2×40 m; or h m, h m, 2×40 m, etc. For runners in the 400 m length of the segments in these combinations should be increased 2-3 times. Very useful relays: 4-h-25 m, and so the same counter.

The speed taken to run these intervals should be increased gradually, depending on the stages of preparation (according to the same principles as in the development of speed endurance). The time taken to run lengths need to be captured and inform the athlete for the evaluation and development of the feeling of running speed. Control of speed. efforts and freedom in running important for each executor-athlete. what to do before it is advisable to give everyone a specific job, time, speed or pace. To determine the pace of running is enough to count the number of steps on the course and share them on the time taken to run. Practice propagana distances in specified a different number of cross-country moves.

Consider special exercises to improve mobility, increase length and frequency of steps and walking speed, as well as mastering the fastest style of walking speed walking.

Athletes who are engaged in sports walk, wanting to develop in the process of training to some extent speed, strength, flexibility, endurance, can apply the same exercise as runners and hurdlers, but with a large number of repetitions, and therefore with less intensity.

Consider the most useful and effective special exercises for walkers.

531. Walking with long steps in a straight line with broad strokes of direct hands back and forth, the same exercise with the production of stop inside from a straight line (left to right and right to left) only one person walking.