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Healthy lifestyle is what it is


Products Wellness by Oriflame – the direction of the 21st century in the health food industry. External beauty is first of all a healthy body. And the main rule Wellness caloric restriction with optimal nutrition. Scientists call it with CRON. All product development Wellness by Oriflame only natural ingredients.

Wellness from Oriflame is a daily balanced diet with essential vitamin and

minerals to maintain the health of our body. Products Wellness company Oriflame you can see and buy in the catalogs Wellness by Oriflame. And to have a discount on all products Wellness Oriflame, you need to register.

To be beautiful means to be healthy is already a rule of modern man.

Line Wellness by Oriflame – it’s our health:

correction daily diet

eliminating signs of aging, both external and internal

beauty from the inside out.


Wellness ( from the English. Wellness – good health as a result of a healthy lifestyle is the concept of a healthy lifestyle based on a combination of physical and mental health, proper diet, reasonable exercise and avoiding harmful habits.

For the first time the term Wellness was introduced by American doctor Halbert Dunn in 1959, as the wording of the principle of healthy lifestyles, prevention and prevention of diseases and signs of aging, both external and internal.

Active development of the Wellness industry has been in the 21st century. Today Wellness is a philosophy of well-being in all spheres of life: social, physical, and spiritual.

Wellness is a philosophy of happiness, the principles of which:

a balanced diet


mental and physical activity

body care

relaxation and harmony

Scientists of the company Oriflame is actively working in this direction. Wellness and cosmetics from Oriflame perfectly complement each other, making our lives beautiful and healthy.

The advantage of Wellness by Oriflame

Products Wellness by Oriflame is a 100% natural product, obtained directly from natural sources.

Using advanced technology and 40 years experience in the field of medicine, nutrition, Oriflame scientists have made tremendous strides in creating a line of healthy food – Wellness by Oriflame. Products Wellness by Oriflame, which has a set of certificates and quality marks the world and European standards.

The company provides a full report on the composition of products Wellness from Oriflame is a public company: you can find lots of commercials on the Internet from product development Wellness by Oriflame and to collect the parcel to the customer, a lot of videos where you show and tell how developed products Wellness by Oriflame. This is the most high-tech enterprise. Developing a Wellness Board of internationally recognized professionals and experts in different research areas of a healthy lifestyle.

To their product development Wellness by Oriflame, like all activities, Oriflame perfect with great responsibility.

Created products Wellness by Oriflame scientists European level. Product testing Wellness by Oriflame does not occur in animals. Certificates and quality marks products Wellness by Oriflame instill confidence that the security and usefulness of the products of this line.

The principle of direct sales is the packaging of the products Wellness by Oriflame, manufactured at the factory of the manufacturer, which in turn allows us to be confident in the authenticity of the product Wellness by Oriflame. Purchased the vitamins and minerals will be high quality, and protected from fakes!

When choosing a company, be sure to consider her reputation. Oriflame – strong company that has established itself in more than 60 countries.

Wellness by Oriflame – a healthy lifestyle

Now very often all use the term “healthy lifestyle”. And what is it? Probably, it is first of all a good health and good spirits.

It is important for us today, where we live, what we feel, how we move and what we eat. Very large and negative impact on us providing the world: fast pace of life, and at the same time, sedentary job, lots of stress, bad ecology, bad water and polluted air. Today many talk about the wrong diet, and bad environment.


Indeed before people were healthier, but their work was harder, and the life was shorter. The daily intake of calories reaches 5000. Today, the consumption fell to 2,500 kilocalories per day. We began to eat less and less of vitamins ingested into our body. In addition, earlier in a simpler, unprocessed foods contained more vitamins and minerals. Besides, in the pursuit of quick profit, to monitor the quality of food already at anybody does not remain neither time, nor desire. Lack of vitamins is the reverse side of scientific and technological progress of mankind.

Definitely need to watch your diet: bread, preferably consumed with bran, grain, and not just vitamins, but also to the stomach worked. And vegetables and fruits on our table should be plenty. Requires five to six servings of fruit and vegetables a day, and a serving is a glass of fresh (not from a box!) juice or big Apple, or a large grapefruit. With this diet decreases the risk of cancer.


Often on the go, he ran along the road in a cafe fast food. One or maximum two times a day. With this diet, we don’t get the whole set of vital elements (vitamins and minerals) to complete the work of our body. Our body weakens, we often get sick, complain of the deterioration of the cardiovascular activity of the body, pain in joints, weak nails, General fatigue, etc.

Recent scientific studies have proven that it is the deficiency in the diet of vital vitamins and microelements leads to disease.

However, today, changing your diet and vitamin deficiency can not be resolved. Come to the aid of multivitamin-mineral complexes – to fill the lack in their food. This ensures that no microelement deficiency.


Change the rhythm of life and the quality of food is not in our power. However, to Supplement the daily diet with vitamins and trace elements, to improve our well-being, to prevent the masses we need disease – we still can! Products Wellness from Oriflame is the missing link in our diet that provide the body’s daily need of vitamins and minerals. Wellness from Oriflame – the products bought and loved in more than 60 countries around the world. For something to become healthy with the help of Wellness products from Oriflame need zaregistrujte ü is simple, and start buying products from catalogues Wellness from Oriflame.

Wellness by Oriflame has a strong place in the market of food additives(BAA), in more than 60 countries. This is due to the high quality of the products is confirmed by certificates and marks of quality European and world standards. Vitamins Wellness by Oriflame designed and manufactured in Sweden, sold by direct sales delivered to us, ensuring that Oriflame products from fakes.

Now healthy lifestyle is very relevant among a huge number of people around the world. All understand that health should be protected, they need to be engaged, it is necessary to spend time and money. Every thinking person who thinks about their health, understand that now is not a vitamins and SUPPLEMENTS (dietary supplements) it’s hard to live a full life. For example, in many developed countries, not the last reason of employment, is the use of dietary SUPPLEMENTS in the diet.

In catalogs Wellness by Oriflame You can find not only vital vitamins and minerals, but also for Your morning exercise, and interesting recipes to prepare healthy food.

Wellness by Oriflame is a healthy physical and spiritual work in our body as a result of good nutrition, reasonable physical activity and correct eating habits. Wellness by Oriflame is a healthy lifestyle.