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How to choose a trainer for doma


Simulator for practicing at home – the acquisition and profitable, and convenient. A good trainer will last you several years and you will save on subscriptions to sport activities. Besides, to do on it will be able entire family. To choose the perfect trainer for yourself, decide what you need and what problems you wish to solve.

Define goals

What result you want to achieve through a home trainer? Different tools solve different problems.

If you want primarily to increase endurance, to train the heart and to lose weight, you need cardio. These include an exercise bike, treadmill, stepper, rowing machine and elliptical trainer .

If your goal – to improve the relief of muscle and tighten only the specific area, for example, a press or biceps and triceps, note on the weights. It’s barbells, dumbbells, wall bars, benches and large athletic complexes .

However, there is another important selection criterion

Consider the preferences

Trainer – the acquisition is not cheap, so you should think before you buy: whether you use it for? If you are going to buy, for example, an exercise bike, remember how many times over the summer you get from the pantry your bike. If you ride on the street you don’t really like, perhaps, to pedal home, too, will not become a habit.

To simplify the procedure of choice of the simulator using a simple experiment. Just go a few times a gym and test each “Challenger” personally. Even if you never went on a canoe, work on the rowing machine. Work out on the “ellipse” is a hybrid of a treadmill, stepper and bike, with arms, back and shoulders are also involved in training. In short, take your time, try and enjoy the fun of playing in the future will be worth the time spent.

But that’s not all. Now – the main stage

The price and quality

Today the market of sporting goods presents hundreds of different models of machines with a very wide range of prices. Devices for sports professionals offer many more complex functions that you for homework, most likely, will not be needed. This means that choosing the basic model you can save. But buying too cheap a simulator is not worth it: the device is of poor quality can quickly be damaged. And well, if it will not harm your health.

Ask the seller about the warranty, return, frequency of breakdowns and cost of repairs. Some dealers provide an opportunity to use the simulator during a certain period, e.g. 30 days, with a refund if you did not come. Technical support and repair are also important. The warranty service, usually within 1 year, but be sure to check the warranty terms, especially if you buy the simulator via television or online shopping