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How to run. Tips from Karlie Kloss.

Many people who want to be in good shape, interested in how to run for weight loss and what are the ways of running. In this article we will tell you tips and tricks American supermodel, “angel” Victoria Secret Karlie Kloss (Karlie Kloss), on how to run to be in great shape.

Carly believes that half of the success of training depends on proper preparation for the run.

So you can run long and fast, you should be as comfortable as possible. Shoes should be comfortable, springy sole.Clothes should not hamper your movements or hinder you in the classroom. It is important to pay attention to what material it is sewn – it should be easy, and quick-drying moisture-permeable.

Warm-up is a mandatory part of the training. It is necessary not only to prepare the body for the upcoming load, but also to warm it up: if you start to run immediately, then the first 10-15 minutes of running will be spent on warming up the body and burning calories will start much later.

Make propriedade, circular momentum knees, roll from heel to toe, lunges legs back and sides, jumping in place – each exercise for 8-10 times.

Another important item is the correct one breath, says the supermodel.

It depends on how you breathe while running and breathe if at all. You need to avoid a common mistake – the breath while running. Breathing is certainly need best: step 4 – inhale, step 4 – exhale. Be sure to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Breathe rhythmically.

So, let’s get to the main point. There are several types of Jogging for weight loss:

1) Jogging.

The so-called shuffling running allows you to burn calories effectively, without strain on the cardiovascular system. Per hour during running is an adult loses on average up to 800 kcal.This type of running is an easy rhythmic shaking of all organs and systems of the body. Thanks to a shake-up they begin to work better, slows the aging process. To run gently, easily, slowly, making small steps, and you should breathe through the nose.

2) Jogging in place for weight loss

Running in place is an alternative to Jogging nning in place you can replace the second, for example, when it is impossible to run on the street to engage in due to bad weather conditions. Exerted on the body use a little than differs from the one you get when you jog down the street. However, the body burden will be less, so the training time will extend.

Running in place perfectly warms up the muscles, preparing the body to the load. So you can use this sort of running not only as an independent sport.

3) Interval running.

Slow Jogging burned more fat. But if we begin to accelerate, there is a new adrenaline rush that gets into the blood stream and promotes greater weight loss. This is the essence of interval running – a ratio of 1 to 3 (fast paced to slow).When we finish, interval running, we still continue to lose weight, fat is burned in 5 hours after the workout. You can also do interval running on the treadmill.