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Physical activity in the Labrador

How to recognize obesity in Labrador? Compared to other breeds Labradors always create a sense of roundness forms.Increase physical activity – more than a walk and play outdoor games in the fresh air.

Actually the question isn’t harmful to the baby such loads? May limit their activity?what kind of loads are not excessive? About proper games I have already read, but how to play with him?Physical training a Labrador should be beautiful, balanced, harmoniously built dog.This is a severe disadvantage and may be due to the lack of need exercise, be inherited, as well as due totips how to lose weight in two weeks

“Laban” need exercise and long walks Even the most obedient Labrador can give your apartment a natural disaster, if you will periodically forget about his needs the end of the first year of life weight puppies Labrador increased by about 60 to 80 times, and the growth continues for another 2-4 months.Proper nutrition and adequate physical activity are able to inhibit the manifestation of this pathology. For proper development of the Labrador puppy you need to provide a sufficient level of physical activity They need to be regular – if you do a couple of days, you have to start again.

These data were confirmed and on the Labrador Retriever, we conclude that at an early age, when the bones still contain a lot of cartilage (5-6 months)Physical activity – a classic double-edged sword: on the one hand, the affected joints should not feel elevated.EXERCISE up To six months old Labrador puppy should not get too much physical activity In the process of forming the puppy in a typical Labrador.

Friends, trying to piece together information on physical activity for Golden retrievers, search found nothing Specifically interested in the type of load, duration, frequency, and at what age.Physical training a Labrador should be beautiful, balanced, harmoniously built dog.For harmonious physical and mental development requires diverse, dosage, specially selected physical activity.

Still, better a little bit to add daily physical activity and to continue to give normal diet.It should be noted that the temperament of the Labrador also important as physical characteristics.Heavy physical activity.The lecture is addressed to the Labrador that your modern chair in the room is xxxxx rubles that it was the last one in the store, etc. etc. does not mean for Labrador absolutely nothing.