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What shoes to choose for a walk to look fashionable and stylish

Shoes for walking should be comfortable, functional and appropriate for the season. If You have decided to arrange a romantic date outdoors, going on a trip to Europe or often walk with a small child, for these or other similar purposes is to purchase a separate pair of shoes or boots. Not to be mistaken with a choice and to find not only practical, but also current model, use our tips.

Summer shoes for every day

Sneakers. This Shoe is no longer considered a purely athletic and have long moved in the wardrobes of desperate fashionistas. For walking, you should select shoes that exactly match Your size, have rubber soles and secure locking or lacing. Today You can easily find the product that suits You the color, design and price.

Slip-on shoes. Relevant and incredibly comfortable kind of sneakers with elastic inserts on the sides. As a rule, they are made of thick fabric, canvas or denim, but in the collections of famous designers you can find options of leather or suede. A practical and versatile sneaker. They are equally well suited for summer dresses, mini skirts, jeans and trousers and other casual wear or sport-chic.

Ballet flats. Shoes for women of all ages. Comfortable flat shoes made from fabric or natural leather perfectly match with any clothes and not go out of fashion. However, for long trips it is better to choose models with a small heel (about 1-1,5 cm, and the fixing elastic band. In these ballet flats Your feet won’t get tired, and the locking mechanism will ensure that the shoes when walking will not sleep with his feet.

Sneakers. Of course, it is not a classic sports car for running or fitness, and more feminine version of comfortable shoes. In the season 2014-2015 actual monochrome or colorful sneakers model, made in the technique of color blocking. You should also pay attention to the sneakers with perforated patent leather or with transparent inserts. Trending products you can pick up the tone of the image or, on the contrary, make them bright accent.

Winter boots for walking

Modern fashionistas were lucky in the 2014-2015 season ever popular wide stable heel, as well as its complete absence, small platforms or wedgies. For walks in the winter should give preference insulated models with natural or artificial fur, with a high top and a convenient clasp.

Boots. At the peak of popularity are short boots with buckle, strap or decorative trim. Select the model of the actual colours – black, brick red, rich emerald – with a small wide heel or flat shoes.

Jockey boots. Such footwear goes well with other handy things for long walks: jeans, tight trousers or leggings. Boots with high top and a low square heel has a wardrobe of virtually every fashionista. When you select should pay attention to the coloring. Relevant in the current season is considered a cognac or black.

Ugg boots. Excellent model for girls who enjoy an active lifestyle. Name Australian brands comfortable boots long been a household name for products made of sheepskin with flat soles. In the 2014-2015 season at the peak of popularity are models of bright colors with fancy zippers, fur trim, or unusual buttons. The most desperate ladies can opt for versions with metal rivets or with sparkling sequins.

Models with insulation. For walking in extreme cold You can pick up a pair not only with natural fur, but with modern insulation, for example, by a membrane. Most models have a thick, rubberized sole and a sturdy clasp. Generally, the boots with membrane long to keep you warm at temperatures down to minus 30 degrees.