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Body temperature in dogs is the norm and the reasons for deviating from the norm


The temperature in dogs is one of the main indicators of well-being, the body temperature will tell you what .. something is wrong. What is the normal temperature in dogs? It is higher than in humans, but can range from 37.5 to 38.5 degrees. In puppies, the temperature can reach up to 37 degrees, it is also the norm. Depends on body temperature and on the breed: the bigger the animal, the more it “holodnokrovnye”. So, normal body temperature in dogs of small breeds in the normal state – 38,5-39, and large

already – was 37.4-38.3 degrees.

When to measure the temperature of the dog?

To measure the temperature of your pet constantly is optional, according to a special schedule check the temperature only breeding puppies. But, nevertheless, it is important to know what is the body temperature of your dog is the norm, so that if something caught himself in time.

In some cases, it is important to constantly be aware of what the temperature in dogs before and after immunization during pregnancy, after childbirth, and especially before.

If the dog appears a number of suspicious symptoms, temperature, too, need urgent measure to prevent possible disease: is the refusal of food, increased thirst, General lethargy dogs, pale tongue and gums, a hot dry nose, and especially cramps, vomiting and diarrhea.

Important point: wet and cold, or, conversely, hot nose will never tell the truth about the temperature of the dog, although many owners believe the opposite. To find out if your pet’s temperature, it is possible, only by measuring.

If your dog is sick, it makes sense to have a “temperature diary”, and enter the results in the morning and evening.

As evidenced by the temperature of the dog?

Body temperature in dogs may increase for a short period in too hot weather, after heavy physical exertion, if the animal is excited or scared of something (for example, during a visit to the doctor), in females – when it’s in heat.

But if the temperature stays high for a while, it could signal problems, especially dangerous smooth temperature rise 1-2 degrees, without abrupt jumps. But if the dog has a temperature of 40 – it is already possible to sound the alarm.

So, the temperature rises in strong heat stroke in dogs, distemper, piroplasmosis, endometritis in females and other diseases. The reasons could be and the cutting teeth (for puppies from 3 to 9 months), stress and various allergies, abscess after damage of the skin and inflammation of the joints.

Temperature decreases with parvovirus enteritis in puppies, worm infestation etc.

A special case is the reduced temperature of the dog before birth, it is a symptom of the imminent appearance of the puppies. During the week before childbirth, it is recommended to constantly check your bitch’s temperature, not to miss an important point. So, if the temperature in dogs at a rate of about 38.5 degrees, about a day before giving birth, she can fall to 2 degrees or even lower.

To decrease the temperature of the dog can and after the surgery, then wrap the dog’s warm and sure to consult your veterinarian.

What to do if dog has a fever?

First of all, pay attention to the cases when the temperature rises due to natural causes. Thus, the temperature of the dog after birth may also vary: in the first 2-3 days is the norm it will increase to 39.3 degrees, especially if she has lots of milk. But if the temperature rises to 40 degrees, this is not normal, so in the first days after the appearance of the puppies constantly measure your pet’s temperature.

If fever is accompanied by other symptoms: for example, allocating the females are dark in color or odor, there are seals in dairy beds, urgently contact your vet: there is a risk of endometritis (inflammation of the uterus) or mastitis.

Surely each of dog owners are faced with the problem: a dog’s temperature – what to do? First know: temperature is not the cause but only a consequence, a signal of deficiencies in a dog’s body. If you are unsure about the causes of high temperature, do not engage the house treatment and urgently go to the vet. If the pet is deteriorating rapidly, the question of how to reduce fever in dogs, becomes really relevant. It is important not to harm, so waiting for the doctor try to bring the temperature down gentle ways, for example, a tablet of aspirin. Powerful drugs do not let the dog.

If the temperature is clearly caused by stress, teething or abscess, you can try to bring down the temperature of the house in this way: mix in the ratio 1:2:1 pamprin, analgin and diphenhydramine and enter into the muscle using a syringe.

How to measure the temperature of the dog?

To measure your pet’s temperature, can be used as a conventional mercury or electronic thermometer. The first option is significantly cheaper, but with an electronic thermometer procedure will take less time and cause your dog a minimum of inconvenience.

For reasons of hygiene, it is necessary to keep the dogs separate thermometer if Pets in the dwelling, each thermometer should be your.

How to measure the temperature of the dog? This process is not particularly difficult, but requires a careful approach, especially if the dog this procedure is still a novelty. The animal best to lay on your side (then when the dog gets used, the temperature can be measured in a standing position), gently lift the tail and put the thermometer in her anus 1.5-2 cm. The tip of his pre-lubricate with vaseline or baby cream. If you use a regular thermometer, you need to wait 5 minutes, with e the whole process takes one minute.

During this delicate procedure, the environment should be as calm as possible, so the dog is excited, jumped up and broke the thermometer. This is another argument in favor of a digital thermometer – the risk of injury to the animal is minimal. While measuring the temperature, talk gently to pet, feed Goodies – during and after the procedure. You can try to accustom the dog to the team – for example, “Treatment” or “Thermometer”, so she knows what awaits her, and quietly suffered.

When finished, thoroughly wash with soap and disinfect the thermometer, then hands.