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10 rules of survival at rock concerts



1. Learn the repertoire

The danger slam depends on the genre of the music being performed. If ska a more positive style, metal and punk sound is much tougher and provoke listeners on more aggressive dancing. It will not hurt to know the structure of musical compositions: in lyrical pieces the crowd quiets, and the crescendo abruptly breaks down in a fierce slam. So after the concerts

to the doctors treated the fans with a cut eyebrow and lips. Dmitry Zubkov, orthopedic surgeon, member of the Presidium of the Republican public Association ” Association of traumatologists-orthopedists of Moscow” he explains: “Everyone jump, beating their heads, dashing against the exposed elbows, hence the broken nose, and bruised injuries to lips, eyebrows, and broken ribs” . In a particularly vigorous kneading close to concussions and even closed injuries of the abdomen, which is much more serious.

2. Pick the right clothes

For extreme concerts should wear those things that do not mind to kill: two hours in a wild Mosh pit with the crowd winded and sometimes bloody guys will not go in vain for your costume. In addition, Dmitry Zubkov warned: “There are three hard component of heat stroke: high temperature, high humidity, lack of oxygen, and at any concert they are present”. So the doctor advises periodically go to fresh air, drink plenty of water and wear loose-fitting clothing made of natural cotton fabric. The ideal option would be len. Make sure your shoes are securely tied, otherwise you risk to remain without it, and even with otjavlennymi feet. As for girls, they in any case you should not wear shoes with heels. “Studs often break the metatarsals or toes when stepping on the foot of the neighbor.” — Dmitry explains. Take off all bracelets with spikes, chains, earrings and even the piercing, as this can hurt not only others, but also you.

3. Leave the house phone and wallet

Valuables can be deprived by negligence and malicious intent. The drummer in the band “Montezuma’s Revenge” Vladimir Yurchenko at the concert Anthrax personally convinced of this. “I did not realize that it is slick, just some very strange fellow intensively pushed me in the shoulder . “the musician recalls. And in the pause between songs, I realized that I no longer have the iPhone, but the thief had disappeared. That day was stolen a few phones, it is logical to assume that in a Mosh-pitch acts criminal group” . If you see more or less well without my glasses, go without them. Based on its experience, Dmitry Zubkov explains that the glasses will fly off before the guy before someone will fly, but if their owner will have time to cut in the face in someone’s strong shoulder, broken nose or cut the nose it not to avoid.

4. Be careful with alcohol

Dmitri sighs: “Almost everyone I’ve seen at concerts unconscious, clearly leaned on strong alcohol”.

5. ‘t fall down and get other

At any concert to falling catches several people to pick up and save from serious injury. This rule saved the life of our ex-editor Dmitry Bykov. It was at a Slipknot concert, where he went together with the chief-the editor MhealthDmitry Sirotkin.). “Memories start some outbreaks. When we were near the stage, where already there was a hell of slicing and dicing, I was told that you need to hurry to get into the center of the mixing near the stage, and Sirotkin agreed with me, — tells Dima Bykov. “Well, we ran, broke into the porridge, while I was still standing, with pleasure watching past the eyes revolve the mask, all those faces, and then I dragged him somewhere and knocked. For me, of course, ran some legs. Was first uncomfortable, and then painful. Fortunately, Dmitry quickly raised and pushed beyond the Mosh-pita, and even returned the bag and jacket that he had already lost. However, not everyone is so lucky. Suffice it to recall two fans who died in a horrific stampede at a concert Guns N’ Roses 20 August 1988 in British Castle Donington.

6. If you fall, fall forward

7. Don’t push to shove

If you accidentally drove someone in the face, you should immediately shake hands with the guy or Pat on the shoulder, because of the loud music your excuses still no one will hear. Got myself? Be patient and be careful. Remember if you loose a fight, you will be immediately surrounded and defeated, buddies because your opponent is always ready to come to his aid.

8. Don’t move your hands

According to trauma surgeon Dmitry Zubkov, jump best of all, keeping your elbows to the sides — so you’re grossing out no one, and his side from the front of the elbows will save.

9. Don’t let the Mosh slam

Especially in large concerts there is such a tendency: the surrounding crowd more densely covers the Mosh pit, and he gradually collapses. To avoid this, experienced Masherov there are specific strategies:

1) “crack the back” is when a few people with outstretched hands thrown backwards on the surrounding crowd,

2) “slingshot” — when you use the inertia of the other person to rush into the crowd and push aside her

3) “circle pit” — running in a circle, which does not allow the crowd to crush the Mosh pit.

10. And so don’t do it too

Stagediving (diving from the stage) the Best advice someone who is going to jump head first from the stage: don’t do this. If you do decide, make sure not against musicians, and the audience is ready for you to catch. Ignorance of this rule is very sad turned to 19-year-old fan of the band Lamb of God. At one of the concerts of the group guy climbed on stage, vocalist Randy Blythe pushed him back into the crowd, but the young man fell on the concrete floor, and two weeks later died from his injuries. “You can die and falling off the chair, if a person is fortunate beyond measure,” warns trauma Zubkov, — and a fall from the stage may well lead to consequences, such as traumatic brain injury, causing intracranial hematoma, or blunt abdominal trauma with possible rupture of the liver capsule or margin of the spleen or mesentery”.

Crowdsurfing (slipping through the hands of the mob) You can do it either after stagediving or asking to throw you into the arms of neighbors. And expose yourself to the same dangers as when stagediving.

Headbanging (shaking his head in time to the music) Particularly impressive it looks, if you have bangs or just long hair. But be careful. Two weeks ago, 50-year-old Motorhead fan went to the doctors about headaches, not stopping after attending a concert of your favorite band. The survey revealed the presence of thrombus and hematoma in the right hemisphere of the brain. The lover had to go under the knife of a surgeon, and his doctor Arijan Pirayesh Islamian concluded: “the Brain during headbanging is experiencing significant load — simply put, bccsa about the skull is that it is extremely harmful. In some cases, it can lead to stroke, which is what happened in 2005 with Evanescence guitarist Terry Balsamo. Due to the active winding head, the musician had been trauma to the neck artery that led to a stroke and paralysis of the entire left half of the body. Even to play the guitar, he had to learn all over again. Fortunately, as a notice to doctors, the risk of nacrasti” such injury is negligible. But nevertheless.