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Chinese gymnastics tai Chi will improve health and will learn to stand up for yourself

Spin the fan, famously to wave a sword, relax the whole body, find peace of mind and even get food for the mind — all this can be done in one workout Taiji. For the Chinese this gymnastics has long been a panacea: its followers each morning can be seen in the parks of China. Our neighbors over the river know that was invented by Taoist monks in the last Millennium Wellness gymnastics tai Chi improves the respiratory and cardiovascular systems of the body, reduces blood pressure and even prolongs life. This

month, the non-standard sport became available to the visitors of club Platinum Fitness. In the secrets of the mysterious Chinese art for an hour plunged AP correspondent.

Greeting in fists and palms

That is found unusual training stretching or muscle gain, feel in the locker room. While I was pulling a t-shirt and leggings, the other women are dressed in beautiful satin kimono. Took out their lockers long, seemingly quite heavy swords, they gracefully swam after each other.

In the hall was softly playing soft Chinese music, athletes were staggered. As soon as I entered the room the coach and the door closed behind him, the occupation began. Feel devoted in a certain mystery in the beginning of the training, synchronously with the students greeting the teacher with a special ritual. Athletes slightly bent forward, taking his left hand from his chest right fist, and I followed their example. By the way, neighboring palm and fist to signify the harmony of soft and hard, which lies at the Foundation of all Taiji.

Ten minutes to warm up, during which we rotated the hands, feet, head, and pulled muscles in the arms, legs and waist. Then began the main part of the workout. The athletes took the initial stance — feet together, knees slightly bent, shoulders and the arms, the body is relaxed. From this position they began to perform an initial series of movements of the 24 forms.

Storks spread the wings

Form in Taiji is one of the key concepts. This set of movements that has its name and is included in different complexes. From the smooth transitions from one form to another, resemble some weird dance. To master these movements can be as useful exercises for the body, and in the form of fighting techniques — grabs, punches, and defensive blocks.

grams weighs training sword

Watch soft and graceful movements of athletes endlessly. It is a special joy to listen to tips trainer. Many forms very poetic names, they all reflect the beauty of nature, the elements, the uniqueness of animals and birds. Once you understand that this is not just a wave of the hands and feet — first “Stork spreads wings”, then “play the lute”, after which the fingers reach for the “Needle at sea bottom”.

However, immediately repeat the movement to the beginner unrealistic. I had to remember his past sports. A few years of practice Wushu students were not in vain: a little graphic, but I still completed 24 forms. Woke up not only muscle memory, pleasant nostalgia in my head surfaced and the instruction of the former coach. Hands had rounded, chin pressed to his neck, knees at step stopped out for socks. Here only women in kimono after these exercises were wet from sweat, and I barely got warm.

I tried, ” said the coach at Platinum Fitness Igor Kurmanov.

The same movement athletes hone for months and years to train not only the muscles, but also patience. Me and another new girl isn’t perfect yet, so the instructor told us more about the complex exercises. We carefully repeated his movements, but his eyes were increasingly shot in the direction of experienced athletes. They performed another form with bright red fans in their hands. Their movements were smooth, more like a dance, and a fan, as if by magic, with a crash unfolded in the most unexpected moment.

Master the fan was also not so easy. Effectively scatter it in motion was a real science. The impression that the fan should be a continuation of the hands and the energy moving through the body, finds a way when the hand removes this attribute. After three or four attempts I also got to make it nice and loud.

We more focus on health, and learn the basic techniques of attack and defense in just an hour and a half, ” the coach said Fitness Platinum club Igor Kurmanov. — In the right hands even the fan can become a weapon. They can not only defend and free themselves from foreign invasions, but also to attack to the death! In duels of the metal plate of the fan sharpened, and they struck the enemy.

Armed and beautiful

From this unusual gymnastics captures the spirit and passion! But despite the nature of combat Hobbies, the only girl. According to the coach, sometimes the classes are attended by men and even couples. However, the main contingent of students in Taiji still ladies. Looking at them, don’t even doubt that can and exotic dance to charm, and in a dark alley to stand up for themselves. In proof of these words at the end of training women in kimono showed his excellent knowledge of different types of sword. Sportswomen feel free waving it around, then gently took his hand aside. When I took the weapon in his hands, was surprised with what ease ease they did! The sword weighed about 700 grams to keep him at arm’s length, you need to have quite strong muscles.

form in the initial simplified complex

Particularly liked the curved sword Dao with colorful flags on the handle, similar to a samurai. According to athletes during fights flags distract the enemy’s attention and closed another blade hidden underneath. So the opponent didn’t know which side to wait for the kick. Often the boxes helped the fighter does not lose the sword during a duel, because they are tightly wrapped around the wrist.

— In China, the group engaged and with weapons, and with fans, and without them. So when my students come to this country, it is also quietly practicing together with the Chinese, ” added the coach at Platinum Fitness Igor Kurmanov. Such a variety of workouts help us to easily log into their social circle.

Wisdom for all

To unravel the great mystery of the ancient art of Taiji for years, and to join in it will succeed for just a couple of workouts. No wonder Taiji is called gymnastics of the mind and body. Every hour in the hall, the body will show you new opportunities and to give unfamiliar sensations. While the energy of “Chi” moves on all the systems of your body, the brain works by acquiring new knowledge and making discoveries. If inspiration finds the disciples, and at the end of the lesson, they share a lot of wisdom and reason.

— Sometimes, analyse Confucius quotes, compare them with those in the biblical sense, say athletes. — Always try to direct my mind on the positive, to see something bright, kind.

To explore the possibilities of his body, to learn to combine the softness and rigidity, to join the wisdom of Taiji can people of any age and physical ability. To practice do not need special training, just a desire to comprehend the flexibility of mind and body. Perhaps a young, energetic and children will find it difficult to concentrate. But for adults conscious people dive into this fascinating sport after working everyday will become a real outlet. A nice bonus would be the improvement of the respiratory, endocrine, circulatory and nervous system.


1. keep a straight posture and keep your chest naturally;

2. learn to inhale and exhale only through the aperture and nose, do not use the mouth;

3. first exhale all of the lungs gradually and completely empty them, reducing the aperture. Then gently inhale, expanding the diaphragm to the limit. Repeat the process again.

Our topic is published with the support of the fitness club “platinum Fitness”