Healthy lifestyle is what it is
  Products Wellness by Oriflame – the direction of the 21st century in the health food industry. External beauty is first of all a healthy body. And the main rule…

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Planning and healthy lifestyle
  Many couples who start to plan for the child, wondering if we really need something to change in their lives and in their environment that conception occurred without problems…

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How to do sports


At all times, the sport was such a human activity that criticism in all its manifestations avoided. And this is not surprising. Sport is a means of perfecting all the physical and mental characteristics of the person. Because the physically stronger and psychologically more resilient a person is, the more respect he reaches in society and therefore more successful in life. Moreover, exercise is never late. The key is to know how to do, how to do sports, not to harm the health, but on the contrary, improving their health.

How to start exercise?

If you are on the path of self-development and self-improvement, I decided to learn how to play sports, to start, you should review a few important things about sports activity.


Before you start to properly exercise analyze the state of your body. If you have any disease, especially chronic, you obligatory trip to the doctor. The specialist will tell you what loads and what sports should be avoided, and how often Continue reading

Why a treadmill?

Among the large selection of exercise equipment for aerobic exercises at home treadmills continue steadily to retain first place in their effectiveness and popularity among adherents of a healthy lifestyle and people who are watching their figure.

A treadmill is a stationary device from the frame, moving webs, handrails and display of travelled distance, speed, heart rate, number of burned calories, time.

Modern designs of treadmills allow shock-absorbing suspension to significantly reduce shock loads on the joints and spine that occur when running. Thereby making Jogging available to all without exception and in any weather.

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