Swimming for babies


Even being pregnant, you and dad decided that from the first days of life want to teach your baby to swim. Swimming for babies – a very good decision. Any harm to the baby to get out of it simply, the benefit is huge. First, a child nine months was in the water in your tummy, so when he met with our world, he will be very pleased to feel the familiar feelings and emotions. If it is correct to approach the issue of training of the newborn swimming . it will be fun to get the parents and their child. Some parents don’t know how to bathe a newborn baby. Before starting, please read the article about water treatment infants.

Answers to questions on swimming for infants

Many parents often ask the question, not whether to overwork newborn swimming lessons from the first day. How to do it so as not to scare off the swimming for infants to toddler it was fun? Do not worry, because after the birth of all baby’s muscles are experiencing the unknown voltage, so stay in the aquatic environment can only have a positive affect muscle tone and the mood of the child. Most importantly to make the conditions Continue reading

The therapeutic effect of the horizontal bar and swimming with the protrusion of the lumbar spine


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Sailing in the protrusion of the lumbar spine has a strong firming effect on the muscles and stimulates blood flow to the back. Advantage of water exercises herniated disc is that they bring a pronounced therapeutic effect and have low invasiveness.

Indications for swimming lesson when protrusion

Remedial gymnastics and swimming lessons are shown in the following cases:

When severe pain in the spine;

In remission with the presence of protrusions and hernias;

When incorrect posture;

The curvature of the axis of the spine;

In the rehabilitation period after surgery.

When swimming it is necessary to observe some precautions:

If you have kidney disease, you cannot swim in cold water, as this activates urination, which increases the load on the kidneys;

Swimming is of benefit Continue reading

Running is not for everyone!


Running is now one of the most trendy types of activity. Run all — children, youth, adults and even retirees. This is not surprising, since regular classes entail a number of advantages for health. Good physical shape, strong heart and a beautiful body — these are just some of the aspects of good running. Is it possible in this case to call it perfect? Possible. But not for all!

Running — another side of the coin

Since running for man is a natural form of activity (all we periodically run – running late somewhere, trying to catch the bus, etc.), it is easy to guess that she is a huge health benefits. Regular exercise significantly reduces the risk of developing serious diseases. Running improves Continue reading