How to breathe correctly during Bega
  While running, the body's need for oxygen increases tenfold. Usually beginners do not pay attention to your breath until that moment, until we start to suffocate and enough air…

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Chinese gymnastics tai Chi will improve health and will learn to stand up for yourself
Spin the fan, famously to wave a sword, relax the whole body, find peace of mind and even get food for the mind — all this can be done in…

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Neskuchny ideas for fitnesa

May 21 and 22 at the Ufa climbing wall Kul-Tau hosted the second open “Borderfest memory of Yegor Pinigina” for athletes and fans. Was a great success!

Climbing wall Kul-Tau is undoubtedly one of the best in Russia, and a height of about 17 meters, the terrain is very diverse, difficulty, speed and bouldering. Is outdoors in the warmer months is a great advantage. Besides the open space helps to create the unique atmosphere of the climbing party.

For the second year in a row Ufa mountain sports club “Mixed” holds bouldering festival in memory of his friend Egor Pinigina, who died in

the Fann mountains in 2009. Competing fans and athletes, and on different tracks that always love to fans – here they all have equal chances. Last year, the first festival of many loved from the current waited even more, and those who came or came, for the most Continue reading

The program running on the treadmill


The program running on the treadmill for 11 weeks. The popularity of Jogging on a treadmill is easily explained: in recent years in big cities of Russia formed a stable fashion on fitness clubs. Club or personal treadmill has a number of advantages: all-weather capability, the choice of speed and incline (the latter is important for lowland cities like St. Petersburg), heart rate control and the opportunity to combine running with other activities – watching movies, reading books and periodicals.

At the same time, program of treadmill training offered by personal

trainers fitness clubs, often do not take into account the desires and capabilities of visitors. Because of this  offers a comprehensive program of running on a treadmill.

In the basis of the program running on the treadmill based on the following principles:

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Chinese gymnastics Eye of revival


10 For everyone who wants to be healthy, wise and perfect – this article. By profession himself a doctor, three years worked as an instructor in

physical therapy and I can say for sure. If you take charge, ginastica, exercise program, whatever of the movements that you use it constantly does NOT work! Why? ‘t always have the time, do not always have the mood, do not always have the power, almost always come that time when laziness and even force myself too lazy.

It used to be. And today I can say definitely.

The book of Peter Kelder “Eye of the revival of” wonderful fate. First published in 1939 in Washington, she remained almost not noticed. Success, a truly incredible came almost half a century later.

Than to explain such a broad that knows no borders downloads “Eye of rebirth”? Yes mainly because here Continue reading