Physical stress on the body cheloveka
  Running workouts for time and distance serve different purposes, but equally important for achieving high performance in the triathlon. One of the stumbling blocks triathletes question is: is it…

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The pressure of the blood. What is actually meant by these strange figures
  If you think to measure the blood pressure — it's fun for those who are deeply sixty, allow you to disappoint. First, this is not a fad, but an…

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Exercises for the legs, warm up on your feet


Exercises for the legs, I recommend to do at home after work, because, first, they need more space, and secondly, they should be done when new loads on the legs are not expected. Come home and heal of the foot from injuring their narrow shoes or high heels and enjoy a health of your lovely legs. By the way, ladies, maybe you don’t know, why it is harmful to wear high heels. I will tell you. If your heels higher than 4 cm, the load leaves the calf muscles on the buttocks, causing further flexes the

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Morning exercise

Us from childhood had spoken of that morning exercises you need to do. But, of course, make her one. Morning, every second counts, and then there was some kind of charging time to spend…

In principle, you can not spend these few minutes daily, but then you’ll

just steal the years.

Why morning exercise?

The main purpose of morning exercises – not the development of physical qualities, as some think. The main goal is to “Wake up” the body and give a boost to the metabolism.

One of the signs and at the same time one of the causes of old age is the slowing down of metabolism. Morning exercises allows him to accelerate and support during the day at a high enough level . It is quite obvious that if we charge and how quickly you get older.

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Why a treadmill?

Among the large selection of exercise equipment for aerobic exercises at home treadmills continue steadily to retain first place in their effectiveness and popularity among adherents of a healthy lifestyle and people who are watching their figure.

A treadmill is a stationary device from the frame, moving webs, handrails and display of travelled distance, speed, heart rate, number of burned calories, time.

Modern designs of treadmills allow shock-absorbing suspension to significantly reduce shock loads on the joints and spine that occur when running. Thereby making Jogging available to all without exception and in any weather.

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