Morning exercise
Us from childhood had spoken of that morning exercises you need to do. But, of course, make her one. Morning, every second counts, and then there was some kind of…

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Warm up to your maste
  Each workout should begin with a warm-up to warm up. Warming up helps to ensure that: heartbeat quickens, improves the blood flow in the muscles rises body temperature, joint…

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Chinese gymnastics tai Chi will improve health and will learn to stand up for yourself

Spin the fan, famously to wave a sword, relax the whole body, find peace of mind and even get food for the mind — all this can be done in one workout Taiji. For the Chinese this gymnastics has long been a panacea: its followers each morning can be seen in the parks of China. Our neighbors over the river know that was invented by Taoist monks in the last Millennium Wellness gymnastics tai Chi improves the respiratory and cardiovascular systems of the body, reduces blood pressure and even prolongs life. This

month, the non-standard sport became available to the visitors of club Platinum Fitness. In the secrets of the mysterious Chinese art for an hour plunged AP correspondent.

Greeting in fists and palms

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Swimming for babies


Even being pregnant, you and dad decided that from the first days of life want to teach your baby to swim. Swimming for babies – a very good decision. Any harm to the baby to get out of it simply, the benefit is huge. First, a child nine months was in the water in your tummy, so when he met with our world, he will be very pleased to feel the familiar feelings and emotions. If it is correct to approach the issue of training of the newborn swimming . it will be fun to get the parents and their child. Some parents don’t know how to bathe a newborn baby. Before starting, please read the article about water treatment infants.

Answers to questions on swimming for infants

Many parents often ask the question, not whether to overwork newborn swimming lessons from the first day. How to do it so as not to scare off the swimming for infants to toddler it was fun? Do not worry, because after the birth of all baby’s muscles are experiencing the unknown voltage, so stay in the aquatic environment can only have a positive affect muscle tone and the mood of the child. Most importantly to make the conditions Continue reading

How to quickly repair muscles after a workout


When you are performing heavy load, your muscles get little injuries (tears). For them to recover anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. People who are professionally involved in sports, make up a training program through the day. With chronic fatigue, it will be impossible to achieve your goals.

So very often in gyms, you can see so many “Nedosekov”. You should not load your body with a new workout until you gain strength. Rest in the life of an athlete is as important as the actual training, learn to relax! In case of intensive daily training, the result will be invisible and allow it to relax


Amount of time needed for full recovery depends solely on you.

If your age is between 20 to 25, you have the right nutrition (sports nutrition ), no stress, lead a healthy lifestyle, in that case, the body recover quickly without difficulty. But when you are already 30 years old, have small children, enough sleep at night, tiring work – you should not expect a quick recovery. Continue reading