Fitness at home or how to lose weight with exercise
  Fitness at home is the best solution for those wants to have a slim and physically fit body, but who has time to go to the gym, are sorely…

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Physical activity in the Labrador
How to recognize obesity in Labrador? Compared to other breeds Labradors always create a sense of roundness forms.Increase physical activity – more than a walk and play outdoor games in…

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How to do sports


At all times, the sport was such a human activity that criticism in all its manifestations avoided. And this is not surprising. Sport is a means of perfecting all the physical and mental characteristics of the person. Because the physically stronger and psychologically more resilient a person is, the more respect he reaches in society and therefore more successful in life. Moreover, exercise is never late. The key is to know how to do, how to do sports, not to harm the health, but on the contrary, improving their health.

How to start exercise?

If you are on the path of self-development and self-improvement, I decided to learn how to play sports, to start, you should review a few important things about sports activity.


Before you start to properly exercise analyze the state of your body. If you have any disease, especially chronic, you obligatory trip to the doctor. The specialist will tell you what loads and what sports should be avoided, and how often Continue reading