Warm up to your maste
  Each workout should begin with a warm-up to warm up. Warming up helps to ensure that: heartbeat quickens, improves the blood flow in the muscles rises body temperature, joint…

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How to eat on the day of competition
  You are what you eat and drink. Of course, food and liquids that you ingest affect your physical condition and, of course, the runners know about it. But the…

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The therapeutic effect of the horizontal bar and swimming with the protrusion of the lumbar spine


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Sailing in the protrusion of the lumbar spine has a strong firming effect on the muscles and stimulates blood flow to the back. Advantage of water exercises herniated disc is that they bring a pronounced therapeutic effect and have low invasiveness.

Indications for swimming lesson when protrusion

Remedial gymnastics and swimming lessons are shown in the following cases:

When severe pain in the spine;

In remission with the presence of protrusions and hernias;

When incorrect posture;

The curvature of the axis of the spine;

In the rehabilitation period after surgery.

When swimming it is necessary to observe some precautions:

If you have kidney disease, you cannot swim in cold water, as this activates urination, which increases the load on the kidneys;

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Physical stress on the body cheloveka


Running workouts for time and distance serve different purposes, but equally important for achieving high performance in the triathlon. One of the stumbling blocks triathletes question is: is it better to train running on time or distance? The popularity of training on passing a certain distance due to the fact that the majority of competitions require the overcoming of a given distance.

With the aim to shed light on some differences in training time and distance, American journal of “Medicine and Science” has published the results of a study that examined the characteristics of children overcome the distance of 750 meters. Despite the fact that most of you are more experienced in running than children, the results show an interesting trend, which is peculiar to and training Continue reading

How not to throw a workout


The trainer stands and dusts, skipping rope is not known where the Hoop for a long time in the pantry, a printed set of exercises lies in a prominent place.

All together weighs on guilt.

And we find plenty of excuses and instead make a few simple exercises, doing totally other “urgent” things, or just lie on the couch watching TV and drinking Cup after Cup of tea with sweet hazards.

Reasons not to go to the gym

Monotony. Many of us cease to do not only exercise, but also regularly go to training, because the purpose of them was replaced by a feeling of monotony – “every time the same”. And still lives in the soul of hope that someday the training will be an important component of life, which will continue to give pleasure.

Motivation. In addition to the monotony of the gym, caused the cessation of training can be a poor motivation. When goals are achieved like: weight throw and bounced Continue reading