Choose running shoes
To choosing running shoes should be treated seriously. Among the variety of brands and models of sports shoes is not easy to choose what suits you. Generic sneakers that are…

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The program running on the treadmill
  The program running on the treadmill for 11 weeks. The popularity of Jogging on a treadmill is easily explained: in recent years in big cities of Russia formed a…

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Elliptical trainer Torneo Venta


Elliptical trainer Torneo Venta C-207 will be a wonderful acquisition for beginners in the fitness world, and for more advanced users. The elliptical trainer has all the necessary functions that allows a full workout at home.

Orbitrek Torneo Venta C-207: General characteristics

Load. Through the use of the design of the magnetic system of loading, providing an inhibitory element of the flywheel (5 kg), cross-trainer allows you to make a smooth ellipsoidal movement and virtually silent workout.

The load levels on the elliptical trainer Torneo Venta C-207 (in the range from 1 to 8) are changed by mechanical speed regulation. Turning the relay is located on the steering rack.

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Swimming for babies


Even being pregnant, you and dad decided that from the first days of life want to teach your baby to swim. Swimming for babies – a very good decision. Any harm to the baby to get out of it simply, the benefit is huge. First, a child nine months was in the water in your tummy, so when he met with our world, he will be very pleased to feel the familiar feelings and emotions. If it is correct to approach the issue of training of the newborn swimming . it will be fun to get the parents and their child. Some parents don’t know how to bathe a newborn baby. Before starting, please read the article about water treatment infants.

Answers to questions on swimming for infants

Many parents often ask the question, not whether to overwork newborn swimming lessons from the first day. How to do it so as not to scare off the swimming for infants to toddler it was fun? Do not worry, because after the birth of all baby’s muscles are experiencing the unknown voltage, so stay in the aquatic environment can only have a positive affect muscle tone and the mood of the child. Most importantly to make the conditions Continue reading

Why a treadmill?

Among the large selection of exercise equipment for aerobic exercises at home treadmills continue steadily to retain first place in their effectiveness and popularity among adherents of a healthy lifestyle and people who are watching their figure.

A treadmill is a stationary device from the frame, moving webs, handrails and display of travelled distance, speed, heart rate, number of burned calories, time.

Modern designs of treadmills allow shock-absorbing suspension to significantly reduce shock loads on the joints and spine that occur when running. Thereby making Jogging available to all without exception and in any weather.

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