Warm up to your maste
  Each workout should begin with a warm-up to warm up. Warming up helps to ensure that: heartbeat quickens, improves the blood flow in the muscles rises body temperature, joint…

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Chinese gymnastics tai Chi will improve health and will learn to stand up for yourself
Spin the fan, famously to wave a sword, relax the whole body, find peace of mind and even get food for the mind — all this can be done in…

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The program running on the treadmill


The program running on the treadmill for 11 weeks. The popularity of Jogging on a treadmill is easily explained: in recent years in big cities of Russia formed a stable fashion on fitness clubs. Club or personal treadmill has a number of advantages: all-weather capability, the choice of speed and incline (the latter is important for lowland cities like St. Petersburg), heart rate control and the opportunity to combine running with other activities – watching movies, reading books and periodicals.

At the same time, program of treadmill training offered by personal

trainers fitness clubs, often do not take into account the desires and capabilities of visitors. Because of this  offers a comprehensive program of running on a treadmill.

In the basis of the program running on the treadmill based on the following principles:

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Morning exercise

Us from childhood had spoken of that morning exercises you need to do. But, of course, make her one. Morning, every second counts, and then there was some kind of charging time to spend…

In principle, you can not spend these few minutes daily, but then you’ll

just steal the years.

Why morning exercise?

The main purpose of morning exercises – not the development of physical qualities, as some think. The main goal is to “Wake up” the body and give a boost to the metabolism.

One of the signs and at the same time one of the causes of old age is the slowing down of metabolism. Morning exercises allows him to accelerate and support during the day at a high enough level . It is quite obvious that if we charge and how quickly you get older.

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Sessions on the elliptical trainer for weight loss


The simulator that combines the functions of exercise bike, stepper and treadmill called elliptic and ellipsoidal or elliptical. It can be purchased for home practice, as modern models fit perfectly into the interior of even small apartments.

Sessions on the elliptical trainer strengthens the body and are suitable for people of all ages. Also orbitrek essential for losing weight and keeping yourself fit. You are on the ellipsoid, to get rid of extra pounds, but how effective will be, depends on many factors. It is also necessary to observe

some rules of work with the elliptical.

Training program on ellipsoid

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